9 startups that showcased at YS Launch Friday

Product launches are very crucial moments in a startup journey, especially the first ones – when no one knows about you yet and you’re trying to make your mark in the eco-system, and then on the world map.

Yourstory Launch Fridays

On 27th June 2014, 10 startups launched their products on the YourStory Rooftop. We bring to you the round up of YS Launch Friday:

  1. MoJOY is a win-win mobile rewards program for all users, app developers and brands. It charges brands and shares the revenue with  the developers, depending on the level of engagement.

  2. Knock is a mobile app, developed by Dexetra, that lets you convert your messages to a ‘call’. Knock uses your 3G or WiFi connection to communicate with friends. Sending a knock is as simple as sending a message. When you get a knock, you can respond with a single swipe. You can respond with a yes/no/message/call or location.

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    Veinus, from InfraEyes is an easy-to-use, portable, non-invasive, vein-detecting  device that visually assists in finding the best vein for cannulation with no risks or side effects.

  4. df3d – a design factory, is a software platform for 3d printing, marketplace, e-commerce and design services. It enables businesses to become 3D printing-capable with their own brand name.

  5. RowdyAuto aims to reinforce positive behavior by sourcing and identifying hard-working auto rickshaw drivers who do not over-charge their customers. They want to build together a safer, better and more reliable auto rickshaw system in the city within the next 5 years.

  6. Gesturs provides users a universal language of interaction with digital devices driven by a swipe of your finger. It allows you to swipe gestures on your track-pad and touchscreen. Thereby, it eliminates the 30-year old approach of find-and-click or point-and-click to some extent.

  7. The Freekall app allows you to land into your contacts screen, after which you need to search the number and select it. After a 5-seconds waiting period, you will receive a call from Freekall’s number, connecting your call after a 10-second ad. Freekall launched the private beta of the app for select 500 users on Yourstory Launch Friday.

  8. Flynn Labs launched their product Faaby that helps people in making the right decision before purchasing a product, besides just comparing the products. It helps in the decision-making process of buying a product, from mobile phones to cars and various other gadgets.

  9. WiredIn provides a personalized class experience on the internet where students can share and edit important information that pertains to their education.

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Shreyansh Singhal is a startup enthusiast. He has keen interest in current technology trends and innovation. He is a hobby artist who likes to read and tell stories in his pass time.

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