Sagar Bedmutha, Founder, Optinno Mobitech Pvt. Ltd. (An app development company)

Team YS
29th Nov 2010
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Optimum Innovation- The world at your fingertips


Everyone seems to be jumping onto the mobile technology bandwagon, whether they have something to offer that is worthwhile or not. While that slice of reality may sound a bit harsh, things come into perspective when we learn more about Optinno Mobitech. Founded by Young Entrepreneur Sagar Bedmutha “Optinno Mobitech” is a study in Optimum Innovation designed to serve a purpose. Their sense of direction and focus is best reflected in their productssmsBlocker and Mobiwatchman.YourStory caught up with young entrepreneur Sagar Bedmutha and got him to answer our queries on what they intend to do in the mobile technology sector and what Optimum Innovation is all about.

1. What makes Optinno Mobitech an innovative mobile technology business idea?

We are a young and creative bunch of people, passionate to develop technological innovations. We have a strong sense of revolution being caused by the mobile technology, and we strive to be on top of it.

We believe that mobile technology is a great enabler and it can become a tool of transformation for masses. It is a multitasking-multifunctional device that accompanies you round the clock. We aim to extend its functionalities by creating innovative mobile applications across the platforms. 

Our philosophy is reflected in the name that we carry – Optinno i.e. Optimum Innovation. And all the things we do are infused with this philosophy. For example, we do not believe in doing something different for the sake of innovation. We want to offer the unoffered by creating well-researched, technically outstanding innovative products with riders of optimization such as user-centric design, efficiency, simplicity, affordability etc. Our mobile applications-smsBlocker and Mobiwatchman are based on the same principle.

With this vision, we strive to create the products that will bring a new world at your fingertips!


2. How do you plan to scale-up on the mobile technology platform?

Not just for mobile, but we have plans for apps for multiple platforms & devices. There will be some apps that will be specific to countries like India and then there will be remaining that will cater to global users.

3. What joy does entrepreneurship give you? How does it challenge you?

The joy of creation is probably the biggest joy. And I want to create innovative products that make a difference in people’s lives.

I’m a mechanical engineer & I worked in marketing domain in Citibank & HSBC before venturing out on my own. I wanted to create world class software products but did not have any prior knowledge or experience in software/ IT field. When I started, I not even knew the basic things like how the websites are created & hosted. Add to that, the paucity of funds, complexity of mobile platforms, lack of appropriate contacts and so on. So the biggest challenge was to solely manage a lot many things (which I did not know).

I think my sheer desire to learn & excel those things helped me overcome those challenges.

4. What is the biggest mistake you made as an amateur entrepreneur?

Doing beta testing with friends (most of them being techies) and not with prospective users was the biggest mistake.

5. How did you raise the seed capital for Optinno Mobitech? Any plans to raise more money?

It is an interesting story. When I decided to develop an SMS spam blocking app (year 2007), I knew that I did not have any expertise & resource for immediately developing a mobile software. Also, I realized that I needed to have a system which can send & receive messages over internet, so that I can do better experiments on bulk messaging. Hence I created a software which could send bulk SMS. Soon I recognized that the application was very suitable for critical SMS communication. So we started providing transactional SMS service to enterprises & individuals who need exceptionally high reliability & service (to give you an idea, our current clients include TiE Mumbai, BMW Showroom, a current Planning Commission Member, a current Cricketer, Chairman of a top IT company). Since this is a premium service, we broke even quickly and made decent money. We invested that for the R & D in mobile apps.

Apart from that my family invested some funds. Now as we have achieved certain set targets & milestones in mobile apps, we will go for angel or VC funding.

By the way, to create the first software, I took loan on my credit cards at gigantic interest rates.

6. What fame and adulation has Optinno Mobitech found?

After winning AppFAME Mobile App contest, we were exclusively invited to showcase smsBlocker to the Executive Council of NASSCOM. The Council constitutes the stalwarts of Indian IT industry. An organization like NASSCOM taking note of us in such a manner is I think our biggest achievement.

We have been receiving great recognition since the launch of smsBlocker. To mention a few-

- India’s Top Mobile App Award from Forum Nokia

- Jury’s Choice Award- NASSCOM AppFAME Mobile App contest

- One of the selected company for NASSCOM Product Launchpad

- Invitation to showcase smsBlocker to AT & T innovation team

- Selection by Nokia as a recommended app for their Qt platform

- Finalist in ‘Innovations’ competition (scheduled in Jan. 2011) organized by IITB alumni

What technology platform do you currently prefer to work on?

Currently we work on Symbian, Qt. We’ll soon be ready with other mobile platforms.

YourStory believes that Sagar Bedmutha and Optinno Mobitech have the potential to make it big on every stage. We hope to see them come up with more optimum innovative products and urge you to visit them at http://www.optinno.com

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