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Binpress : marketplace for source-code where software developers can buy and sell source-code

Team YS
6th Feb 2011
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Binpress is a marketplace for source-code where software developers can buy and sell source-code from each other. The goal is to reduce time and costs for development projects and ventures by replacing part of custom development with off-the-shelf source-code packages.Adam Benayoun, CEO and head of marketing and sales, Eran Galperin, CTO and head of development and user experience are the cofounders of this Israel based platform. Eran talks to YourStory about this source code marketplace.

Idea behind Binpress

Both founders as well as a third partner started a web development shop named Lionite 4 years ago (http://www.lionite.com). Over the lifetime of Lionite we produced many web services and platforms and built up a significant library of high-quality source-code we could reuse between projects.

After doing client projects for a while, we came up with the idea of selling our library of source-code as standalone components instead of keep chasing the next project. A natural continuation of that idea was that if we could do it - so could many freelance developers and small development shops. We decided to build Binpress as a distribution platform for developers looking to generate revenue from their existing source-code, as well as help development projects reduce time and costs by integrating tested, production ready code.

We launched very recently (about 2 months ago) and are now in the middle of our first major marketing push - we launched a programming contest with over $40,000 in cash and prizes for the best submission of a source-code package to our marketplace. The contest is sponsored by companies such as Google, Amazon, PayPal and Microsoft, and our judges include known authorities in the development community. See - http://www.binpress.com/contest

Our main focus is on high-quality code and supporting modern development environment. For this purpose we hand-pick our developers and curate every source-code package published on the site. We vouch for all the source-code on the site and give a full money-back guarantee

How does the platform work?

Being a marketplace, there are two sides to Binpress - the buyers and the sellers. Sellers are professional developers that applied for an invitation to Binpress - we go over all requests and make a significant effort to make sure we recruit professional developers only. Developers can then add components they developed, which must pass review by our staff before being approved into the marketplace.

Buyers can browse the public site normally without any registration necessary, and purchase any of the available components. After purchasing they are given a unique link to download the component, as well as the option to register for updates and fixes. If they are not satisfied with the quality of component, we offer full money-back guarantee for up to 14 days from the date of purchase. Buyers can also contact the developers after purchase.

Binpress in India

India being such a rising force in the IT market, is a major factor for Binpress. India is the second largest source of traffic to our service after the U.S. This standing applies to the nationality of our developers as well - India has the second largest developer community in Binpress after the U.S. We definitely intend to invest heavily in cultivating the Indian market as it holds great promise.

About the contest

We've launched a contest for the best submission of a source-code package that is a useful feature, module or component for developing web projects. Our criteria for choosing the best package includes:

  1. Development style and methodology - intelligent use of software design techniques and patterns. This includes but not limited to separation of concerns, encapsulation and abstraction, loose-coupling, readability and maintainability.
  2. Creativity - how original is the submission. Creativity and originality can compensate for less mature code. On the flip side - if the submission is in a crowded space (such as a CMS), the code level needs to be at the highest possible in order to compete.
  3. Usefulness - how useful is the submission. Creativity is important, but the package must also be useful in the real world. Very useful packages will be graded higher.

Several high-profile companies as well as developer related services are sponsoring our contest, offering over $40,000 in value for the prizes. Those include Google, Amazon, PayPal and Microsoft amongst others.

Features of Binpress for each audience:


  • Save time and money on custom development by replacing it with tested, production ready source-code packages.
  • Leverage our community of hand-picked developers and library of manually approved code.
  • Get notified of package updates and bug-fixes.
  • Diverse licensing options that fit multiple scenarios and needs.


  • Generate passive income from your library of source code.
  • Join an exclusive developer community and get recognized for your skills.
  • We handle marketing, advertising, transactions and legal aspects and allow you to focus on what you do best.
  • Protect your copyright and IP using our license generator.

Check Out Binpress here : http://www.binpress.com/


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