Picovico, a Morpheus Gang Company, Lets You Collate Photos &Make Memorable Videos Easily

Let’s begin with a trivia: Photo uploads per day on facebook, instagram and flickr are in 100’s of million, with 250 million photos on facebook only per day! That’s a crazy number to grapple.

But to look at it, over the past few years smart phones / digital cameras / mobile apps and social networks have completely changed the way people communicate. How they create and consume photos has also changed significantly. Photos we click always have a story, a memory and a context around it. And Picovico aims to provide tools that help keep that context intact, bring the story together and share a memory beautifully.

Picovico intends to change the way people share their photos on internet by providing an easy and fast way to create beautiful videos from your photos. You can blend your photos along with text and music to create the video or Picovico, as they call it!

They strongly felt sharing photos isn’t complete unless the narrative behind it is brought out. So, they merged the concept and thought of creating video alongside the story. With Picovico, your friends just click play and sit back to view your pictures in a nice story format, with handpicked background score.

They also made sure making the video is not a herculean job. They designed Picovico with simplicity in mind, so that even a small kid can create videos without anyone’s help. While it is simple for users, behind the scenes their system creates videos at the speed, that they claim, none of their competitors could match. They built powerful GPU based rendering platform to make this happen.

Picovico is free for now, as they are focusing on growth and traction currently. Once they get that, there shall be many possible revenue models to explore. Currently, they allow upto 30 photos per video and the video quality is restricted to 360p (standard youtube quality video). Besides that, they have released API for developers, photographers and others. After an initial period of free usage they plan to charge per video for API with no up-front fee.

The Idea of Two Nepali Engineers

Picovico is the brainchild of Manish and Suraj, two computer engineers who enjoy writing code. Both of them are from Nepal and moved to Bangalore about a year ago after being accepted by startup accelerator - The Morpheus.

“We were selected in 6th batch of the Morpheus in July 2011. Those four months of incubation with the Morpheus helped us grow a lot and took us to greater height,” Suraj tells Yourstory.

Having launched the public beta on 25th March 2012, i.e in less than two weeks, they have seen usage with 500+ users / 400+ videos and 3000+ views across all videos.

“People love to watch videos. But making a video is the last thing they want to do. They have the ‘complicated process’ fear in making videos. We have simplified it extremely at our end. Though changing the mindset of the people could be our biggest obstacle, looking at usage of the product so far - we are confident that this hurdle can be triumphed over with an awesome product!” Suraj, on behalf of PicoVico, concludes.

To find out more, visit Picovico. Also Check out SecPanel, another Morpheus Gang company in the field of serer security.

About the author

Abhilasha Dafria has completed her Masters in Commerce (Marketing) and Specialization in Foreign Languages (French, Spanish and German). She has a penchant for languages, love for writing and a knack of analyzing. She is also an ardent football fan, a popular blogger and is trained in 12 forms of dancing.

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