Learning Solutions Startup X2PN launches Dr.Infinity in an effort to gamify learning

Learning Solutions Startup X2PN launches Dr.Infinity in an effort to gamify learning

Wednesday December 19, 2012,

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“This section is powered by HP Make it Matter - believe in the power of people when technology works for them”X2PN is short for ‘X to the Power N’! where X refers to ‘yet-to-be-learnt’ and N refers to the unlimited potential learning. Betting big on the concept of gamification to enable education, X2PN has come up with an app Dr.Infinity. Currently a Facebook app, Dr.Inifinty is a bundle of multiple games. Co-founded by Sandeep Nanu along with three others, X2PN tries to make learning more interesting and fun using game-based features in their products. Sandeep has had previous startup experience as a founder of Writeclick and Lucid Sense Consulting.

Talking about the company and vision, Sandeep says, "Our solutions are aimed at the B2C and B2B streams. The B2C audience can use our apps available on the platforms– while the app by itself will be free to download and play, additional features will involve in-app purchases. We plan to approach the B2B audience – schools and enterprises – with custom offerings, and also collaborate with developers to build solutions. We are looking at a licensed model to support these operations."

X2PN aims at facilitating continuous learning in different contexts. Here are the games Dr.Inifnity proposes to have (SoloX and MultipleX are live):

1.     SoloX – a quiz-like game for an individual player (play on Facebook)

2.     MultipleX – a quiz-like game that can be played by 4 people

3.     XBooks – quick-to-read e-booklets on various topics

4.     XFacts – daily dose of interesting facts on different topics

5.     XCalibre – a strategy-oriented, quiz-based game

Currently bootstrapped, Bangalore based X2PN is working towards making learning and knowledge-acquisition easy, accessible and fun for all. The app will be available on mobile platforms – iOS and android soon. When asked about the development of product, Sandeep says, “Initially we had outsourced the development of the application, but with time we have started hiring fulltime and freelance developers working on the iOS and Android platforms. The plan on cards is to market the product for schools and enterprises with custom offerings. As of now, only the beta version of the product is out on the FB store, and fully supported app will be out by next year.

Visit X2PN.

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