[Humour] Top 5 Product Demos Gone Bad

[Humour] Top 5 Product Demos Gone Bad

Sunday March 03, 2013,

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Doing a product demo is a high-pressure situation for everyone. And a lot of times, the products refuse to co-operate and seem to suddenly start abiding by murphy's laws.

However, we can all take solace in the fact that this happens to the best of people and companies. Here's a compilation of my favorite moments in tech where the product demo went so bad, that the presenter had no choice but to awkwardly laugh it off.

Bill Gates Remote Control Fail

What's worse than when your product won't respond to all the buttons you're frantically clicking? It's having a comedian next to you making fun of it as it happens! Check out how Billy G hides his fury as Conan O'Brian takes his case:

Even Steve Jobs Has Internet Problems

Bad internet connection has ruined many many demos, and Steve Jobs is not immune. Watch as he awkwardly tries to recover from a bad internet connection.

Falling down the stairs

Falling down the stairs is a rich tradition at the Oscars, but it happens at tech demos as well. Watch how Honda's "advanced robot" slips and falls down a staircase!

Blue Screen Of Death

Bill Gates makes it to the list once again, this time when the Blue Screen Of Death shows up in full glory on stage


Even The Most Powerful Men...

While technically not a product demo, George Bush has a rich history of public gaffes. Here's some of his best:

So now you know: The next time your product demo goes bad in front of 100s of people, you should remember that you are in great company.