Simplifying lead and task management for startups across all channels : Leadsquared’s story


Managing leads and reducing leakage of business opportunities have never been easy for startups and SMEs. While most of startups use complex CRM systems for lead management, US cum India based Leadsquared offers basic and usable lead and task management features to avoid the trauma for businesses which go through in using, implementing and integrating with CRM systems.

Team behind Leadsquared

Founded by Nilesh Patel, Sudhakar Gorti, Prashant Singh, Sukhbir Kalsi and Anand Kumar Leadsquared helps businesses to capture leads across phone, website, social media, emails and lead generation websites, and enables sales and marketing teams to track, manage, engage, and follow-up the leads till closure. In its earlier stint the team behind LeadSquared built a software product outsourcing business (Proteans, started 2003) which was acquired by Symphony Services (in 2010). “We have worked together for over 10 years now. The initial capital contribution for LeadSqured came from the founding team and later we have raised additional capital from family and friends,” says Nilesh.

Major Features and pricing

LeadSquared broadly fits into the category of Marketing Automation Software and has focus to make lead capture easy. It offers tools like landing pages to capture leads from online marketing campaigns and have built in native integration with cloud telephony systems to capture and connect with leads. “We have seen that a lot of businesses have very basic need for lead management and they end up using complex CRM systems to achieve that and generally never use them. So we have built in the basic and usable lead management, task management features in LeadSquared to avoid the trauma for businesses which go through in using/implementing/integrating with CRM systems,” adds Patel.

The startup competes with CRM systems like Zoho, Salesforce and Marketing Automation Software’s like Hubspot and Infusionsoft. LeadSquared pricing is a function of usage. Currently it offers three pricing plans – Basic, Standard and Professional. All product features are available across all plans. For more on pricing click here. Leadsquared’s revenue model is typical of a SaaS company where the customer signs for a minimum of quarterly, half-yearly or yearly subscription plan.

Traction, challenges & future plan

Presently the company has over 80+ paid customers and a few hundred have been using free trial. Features that used by its clients include lead tracking, landing Pages, lead Management and email Campaigns. As usual Leadsquared faces challenges in spotting talent and recruit high quality technology and marketing talent. “Like most startups we also have our share of challenge in defining the product to fit customer needs,” adds Patel.

Currently, the company plans to make LeadSquared a successful and profitable business and in the process of doing so make customers, employees and shareholders happy.