The DIY App Builder: The Story of AppMachine from MobileBeat


With the increasing amount of DIY technology flooding the marketplace, it's possible to do just about anything you want to all on your own these days. However, building a mobile app was not one of those things until the launch of AppMachine, a DIY app builder that allows you to create and customize your very own mobile applications.In a recent interview from San Francisco, California, Murray Newlands talks to Fleur van der Laan, the COO of AppMachine, about how the company got started, as well as what's happening in the app development space, and some tips for making sure your users return to your app.

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These are the key takeaways from the video:

  • The AppMachine was originally an app building service that enabled clients to contract custom apps for their products, services, or businesses. However, over time the product evolved into a DIY app customizer that affords app owners the ability to go in and make changes to their apps without having to contract a developer to do the tedious back end work.
  • When asked about the current state of the app industry, Fleur explained that app development is becoming more affordable and easier to scale, meaning that companies can design and manage their own apps easily and effectively, much like on the web.
  • As far as tips for building your own app, van der Laan suggests that you spend time thinking about your content and provide your users with only the necessary information that they need or will be looking for. It's important to keep in mind that users are accessing this technology on small mobile devices, so you should make sure to keep your content short and sweet.
  • Later in the interview, van der Laan talks about the challenges that many people face when developing or managing their own mobile apps. She says that often, people don't have the necessary design skills to make an attractive and simultaneously full-featured app, and that they also lack the time it takes to create a successful app as well.

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