[App Fridays] APUS Launcher declutters your smartphone home screen, makes it more efficient

Harshith Mallya
15th Aug 2014
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Smartphones make our lives easier, help us organize and perform our day to day tasks efficiently. Most users on an average have over forty apps on their phone and this leads to a cluttered and disorganized home screen. Finding and launching the relevant app is troublesome for most people. To make matters worse, most app launchers and apps consume a lot of space and slow down the device. 'APUS Launcher ' aims to solve this pain point and help us unclutter our home screen.

What is it about?

The name ‘APUS Launcher’ is based on a species of bird titled ‘Apus’ or ‘Swifts’. They are among the fastest birds in the world. Swifts spend most of their life flying and need very little rest. According to studies, Apus spends 95% of their life in the air.

APUS launcher helps you launch your apps faster by customizing your home screen and arranging all your apps under different logical sections. It also recommends apps that you could try out based on what nearby users are using.


The Next Generation App Engine - Super fast and trouble free launcher occupies 1.4MB internal storage

Smart Folder - Automatically organizes your apps based on functions for efficient app management

Apps Discovery - Discover hot apps around you; top ranking apps recommended according to your preference.

Also after the latest V1.2.6 update, a few additional features have been included:

1. Photo Story : Share your favorite photos with millions of APUS users.

2. Optimized the performance of Apps Discovery. Redesign of the animation of loading nearby hottest apps.

3. Improved app classification efficiency.

4. Clock widget can be modified and deleted now.


Other Highlights

Compared to the average size of other launchers on Google Play Store, APUS Launcher occupies just 1/10th of the storage space. Thus a lot of memory is saved and makes your home screen much faster! It is currently available for Samsung Galaxy series, Note series, HTC One series, Google Nexus series, LG and more. The improved efficiency results in an enhanced experience while searching for apps and playing games.

Double tapping anywhere on the screen takes you to the wallpaper, which is otherwise not entirely visible and blurred in the normal view.

The team behind it

In July 2014, APUS group was founded with the determination and mission to solve the problem of cluttered home screens and slower performance. The team comprises of a group of young and dedicated people devoting themselves to improving Android launcher and system, their vision is to provide the fastest app launcher in the whole world.

Pros and Cons

The User Interface is really sleek and smooth. My device did not suffer from any lags at any point. The UX was really good as well; almost all features are self explanatory and intuitive.

The only con for me was the app recommendations feature - ‘People nearby are using’. Even with my GPS turned on, APUS was suggesting a lot of apps that were not even available in my country.

YS verdict

On the whole, the pros outweigh its cons by a long margin, a definite must try. It has over 10,000,000 downloads and a rating of 4.4/5 with 51,330 five-star ratings.

You can download the app from the Google Play Store here.

If you are an app developer and want your app to be featured on App Fridays, please reach out to harshith@yourstory.com

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