The Intel RealSense Technology App Challenge 2014

The Intel RealSense Technology App Challenge 2014

Wednesday August 06, 2014,

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Gesture research and human computer interaction are scaling new heights. Gesture research is the hot new domain many technology giants are innovating in and want to capture. Intel is leading the path in perceptual computing and also has a $100m fund to invest in next generation perceptual based technology startups.

To further its efforts in the perceptual computing domain, yesterday Intel announced the Intel® RealSense™ Technology App Challenge 2014. This competition aims to challenge developers to create apps that take advantage of the natural and immersive interactions using Intel® RealSense™ technology with 3-D Intel® RealSense™ cameras that will become available on 2 in 1s, all-in-ones, tablets and other personal computing devices. Intel RealSense technology understands four important modes of communication: your hands, your face, speech, and the environment around you.

Developers will be required to use Intel® RealSense™ Software Development Kit 2014 for Windows, and leverage the tools and APIs to create exciting new experiences including gesture-control, speech recognition, facial analysis and augmented reality.

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Intel® RealSense™ Technology App Challenge 2014 is offering up to $1 million in cash and other prizes. The competition is open for participation in over 30 countries.

The challenge will be running two tracks – Pioneer Track and Ambassador Track. Pioneer Track, the public track of the Challenge is open to all developers. The majority of Challenge participants will enter this track. Competing in this track is one of the requirements for being invited to future contest’s Ambassador Tracks.

The Ambassador Track is an invitation only component of the Challenge, open only to those developers who submitted a Demo into one of Intel’s 2013 Perceptual Computing Challenges, or the Ultimate Coder Challenge. It is a smaller pool with higher stakes.

Participants in both the tracks will compete only among the participants of the respective tracks in the ideation and development phases.

The innovation categories the challenge is looking to explore are:

  • Gaming and Play
  • Learning Edutainment
  • Interact Naturally
  • Collaboration/Creation
  • Open Innovation

The Ideation Phase for Pioneer Track is open to developers till Oct 1st 2014 and for Ambassador Track till Sep 19th 2014. Development phases open from November 14th 2014 and from November 1st 2014 for the respective tracks.

 For more information about the Intel® RealSense™ Technology App Challenge 2014, visit here