Bulk SMS service provider SolutionsInfini grows to over $6 million in annual revenues

Ashish Agarwal and Aniketh Jain, Co-founders, SolutionsInfini
Ashish Agarwal and Aniketh Jain, Co-founders, SolutionsInfini

SolutionsInfini is an enterprise and bulk messaging solutions provider that was conceived on the drawing boards of two college friends, Ashish Agarwal and Aniketh Jain. From being a 2-member team in 2009, SolutionsInfini has bootstrapped completely and managed to grow to a team of more than 100. The company has grown over the years and has managed to crack the B2B market. SolutionsInfini has grown to over $6 million in revenues and we got in touch with Aniketh to learn more about their growth (read our previous coverage here);

YS: Tell us how SolutionsInfini has evolved over the years. Where do you stand today?

Aniketh Jain: We started out doing various things but over the years, realized our strength lies in the bulk SMS space. Today, we are in a good position and understand what B2B customer needs. We understand this space very well and know what to sell to these enterprise. We started initially with headquarters in Bangalore and soon spread out by setting up offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkata. Solutions Infini is one of companies which is grown organically with $6.2 Million in revenues and this year expected to $12.5 million

YS: Things seem to be shifting more and more towards data, what are your thoughts? How does that affect your business?

AJ: Yes, the end consumer is moving towards use of data but we are a completely B2B business. Companies still need to send out bulk SMS's and messages for other communication. The market has been growing and will continue to do so for the next few years and this is the case globally as well.

YS: Tell us about your revenue model?

AJ: Our revenue model is fairly simple- we have very connections with Telcom companies and on top, we build applications that suits the enterprises (we sell to).

YS: What has the growth curve been like?

AJ: We are at the beginning of maturity stage. We have grown 200% + YOY with 3500 customers across verticals. We have been growing in terms of the team as well. We are currently a 105 member strong team which is mainly technology and sales.

YS: Tell us a bit about sales. How did you manage to get the customers early on?

AJ: Yes, B2B is a hard business but there is no rocket science. We initially used to go personally and pitch to potential clients. We were persistent and kept learning from the experiences. Over time, we realized what works and then modulated our approach that way. Once you manage to get a few customers, the work has to be done by your product.

YS: Any marketing hack in particular that has worked?

AJ: We have never really invested in marketing or branding for our products or the company. We are where we are today only because of valuable referrals from our happy customers. However, we have felt the importance of marketing and are already in the process of adopting most of the popular formats of online and offline branding and promotions. You might have noticed that our online presence has begun to improve. You might also have come across few of our members at several prominent conferences and events across the country. We have also partnered with several organizations in trying to lend our helping hand towards the startup ecosystem and budding entrepreneurs.

YS: What's on the product roadmap ahead?

AJ: The speciality of this year increased with the launch of 3 of our latest products – Dialstreet, a cloud-enabled business communication system, InfiNeo – an SMS-powered mobile banking platform and InfaTell – our global SMS platform that lets business communicate with their prospects in over 190 countries through more than 1000 operators worldwide.

Dialstreet is already making waves in the cloud telephony industry through intelligent integrations with popular CRM and social support applications and its sheer ability to build and manage a robust business communication channel for any business. We have also enhanced the usability of Dialstreet by launching an office PBX version of it called Box4Office. Box4Office helps businesses replace their traditional PBX systems with a highly affordable version that comes with unlimited extensions, call recordings and monitoring, internal chat and even fax functionalities.

InfiNeo has already found success by bagging two of the biggest banks in the country today – Vijaya Bank, Syndicate Bank, Catholic Syrian Bank, Bank of Baroda & Dhanlakshmi Bank . InfiNeo recently proved itself even more functional through the Aadhaar card verification drive conducted for Syndicate Bank. We have also included an email feature to InfiNeo helping banks send out OTPs and other communication to their customers through Email and SMS simultaneously.

Website: SolutionsInfini

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