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There's no shortage of places where you can soak up content on the Internet. From the wide variety of social media platforms, to blogs and news sites, there's content everywhere. With so much content constantly flooding the web, it's easy to be overwhelmed and encounter tons of stuff that just doesn't interest you. So, how can you optimize your web experience and read, see, and hear only the things that you're interested in? Well, that's exactly what Gabriele Pansa and his team at set out to do.In a recent interview from Redwood City, California, Murray Newlands interviews Gabriele about his company, how it started, and why is the perfect place for a targeted web experience.

To find out more, watch the full interview below:

These are they key takeaways from the video:

  • In the interview, Gabriele explains that began as a way to simplify and optimize the Internet experience. With the way the web is set up today, it can be a lot of work for users to find only the content that they want to see or are interested in. So, TheNeeds found a way to solve this problem, offering their users news and content feeds that matter specifically to them.
  • launched last year and has recently seen the release of their mobile app which has doubled in users every month, according to Gabriele. He also told us that the company has yet to spend any money on advertising, and are monetizing via a variety of channels, mainly as a content recommendation engine.
  • Later in the interview, Gabriele shares his tips for aspiring entrepreneurs and startup founders, telling us that the biggest key to success is to simply be determined and work hard. With so much competition and money involved in startups, it can be difficult to be successful, but as long as you stay focused on your business objectives and understand that users and customers come first, you will give yourself a good chance to make it.

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