Jaaga and iSpirt get together to nurture young tech talent in India

rspctJaaga is a creative space in Bangalore co-founded by Freeman Murray who is a technologist, angel and advisor to startups. And iSpirt (Indian Software Product Industry Roundtable) is a think tank working on policy and supporting the technology product ecosystem in India. The two of them have come together to launch RSPCT.in which is a series of events aimed at nurturing young technology talent and alongside, help growing startups hire better. talking about the idea behind RSPCT, Freeman says

The idea behind RSPCT is to help senior software developers often at startups find young developers they’d like to hire or mentor thru an internship. We make it easy for senior developers to identify people they might like to work with by showcasing open achievements (online class certificates, code competitions, and open source contributions) and then conducting speed dating sessions where they can talk 1:1 for a few minutes.

The first event is scheduled for January 10 in Bangalore. Here are the companies that have signed up for the meet: Babajob, Mondovo.com, BookMySpa, happy-visitor.in,  Talview, RealtyKart, Visarity, AceHacker, ShieldSquare, Fungroo, Around.io, FusionCharts, DataWeave, DrishtiSoft and NowFloats.

"We are more keen on getting young developers who don't come from your usual pedigree engineering college. We're looking for self taught developers, folks who're really interested in technology," says Tathagat Varma, one of the organizers for RSPCT. The thought behind the event is great in a sense that it gives entrepreneurs a peek into some genuine technology talent and for the developers, it is a great opportunity to learn, hone their skills, and work towards a career a in technology.

Reaching out to this talent and discovering them would be a bit of a problem for RSPCT to being with but they share that the event already has got more than 70 good quality applications. A long way to go, RSPCT is an initiative in the right direction to unearth some of the best technological talent from the country and give them an opportunity to do some immensely fulfilling work.

More details and application link can be found here.

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