This 26-year old engineer quit his job to beat stammering and started the Indian institute of Speech Therapy in Kanpur

Bhagwant Anmol, who stammered right from his teens, discovered speech therapy to overcome stammering.

Stammering is a developmental disorder of childhood, most often identified between the ages of three and seven years. Statistically, one out of every four children who stammer, retain it up to adulthood. The most effective solution to this common problem is speech therapy, which many fail to undertake.

Twenty-six-year-old Bhagwant Anmol was one such person who was suffering from stuttering, commonly known as stammering. He not only overcame this problem but is now helping people overcome it.

What causes stammering?

Bhagwant hails from Kanpur, an engineer, an author and a motivational speaker

He started stammering at the age of. He says that overcoming this problem has a lot to do with how one deals with it.

“When I was 20, it was the worst that I ever felt. I couldn’t even speak a complete sentence without stuttering. Out of desperation, I consulted many doctors, speech therapists, and hospitals. But failed to see any results,” says Bhagwant.

Bhagwant then started digging into the problem and came to understand the root of the problem with the help of a particular speech therapist.

“This happens because of short breath, high speed, and the person’s psychology. Usually, such people don’t stammer while singing. I started practicing for longer breaths by speaking slowly just like singing a song. Even in the class when a teacher asked me any question, I used to reply in the same manner. I had made it a part of my lifestyle,” says Bhagwant.

He says that people used to make fun of him, but he never really bothered about it and focused on eliminating this problem. While being enrolled in the therapy, Bhagwant began to analyse himself and the therapy and how it could be improved.

“Gradually, I became fluent in my speech and improved my mental strength. Now, I speak without stuttering. Today, the result is that I have sufficient knowledge to cure stammering for most people,” he says.

Bhagwant overcame my stammering problem when he was 22.

Indian Institute of Speech Therapy

Bhagwant, who is also a writer, has written two motivational books in Hindi titled ‘TumheJeetna Hi Hoga’ and KamyabiKeAnmolRahasya’.

During his college days, Bhagwant was able to help out a couple of his friends who were suffering from stammering. “They were able to speak properly within a span of six months. This gave me the confidence that I can help anyone.”

“In India, there are very few good speech therapies which help to overcome this problem. There would be many people struggling and unaware of such speech therapies. My vision is to help those people,” says Bhagwant.

Being a motivational writer and speaker and having wanted to work for social causes, Bhagwant decided to quit his job at Accenture after three years in January 2017 and help those suffering from stammering.

Thus, in February 2017 Bhagwant launched Indian institute of Speech therapy in Kanpur.

“Currently, I have some students and I am helping them. It is not a one day process. I provide therapy for at least 30 days and then they have to practice as much as they can. If they continue those methods for another six months, they will definitely overcome stammering,” says Bhagwant.

Future plans

Bhagwant has started to reach out to people in every possible means that he can. He has launched a YouTube channel where he uploads motivational videos related to speech therapy and life.

“Now my next plan is to try and connect with college students and motivate those who are troubled because of stammering,” he says.

Bhagwant is also releasing his book this year, which is a Hindi Novel titled ‘Zindagi 50-50’.

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