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This Hyderabadi auto driver’s selfless act restores faith in humanity

We come across all kinds of negative news via our social media profiles on a daily basis, and we are forced to ponder about humanity, kindness, and world peace. However, though rare, there are also those stories that have the power to restore faith in humanity. A classic example of this is an incident that recently took place in Hyderabad with Baba, an auto driver, and Varijashree Venugopal, a Bengaluru-based singer and flautist. She is also the daughter of the renowned Carnatic flautist HS Venugopal.

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Varijashree, who had flown to Hyderabad to attend a visa interview, was short of cash. She needed Rs 5,000 for her visa fees while she only had Rs 2,000. Baba, who had been driving her around from ATM to ATM, selflessly offered to lend her the rest of the amount from his personal savings, asking her to return it to the hotel once she was done with her appointment at the visa office.

Varijashree posted an update on Facebook, writing what she felt about this act of kindness, praising humanity.

Here is what she said:

This is Baba, an auto driver in Hyderabad. Baba saved my day. I was here for a visa interview, and short of cash by a couple of thousands. I needed around 5,000 for the visa fees and had just 2,000 and odd. We visited about 10 to 15 ATM centres, without any luck. Seemed like there was a strange problem with all ATMs in Hyderabad. I even requested a few stores with ATM machines, if they could swipe my card and give me cash, but in vain. Baba senses my helplessness and offers me 3,000 out of his savings and says 'Madam aap isko use karlo aur baad mein hotel ke paas vapas kardo, koi baat nahin'. I was overwhelmed by his act of kindness and was full of gratitude for this man that I never met before. He selflessly helped a total stranger. I was moved. Yes, God manifests in the most strangest and beautiful ways. A new life lesson learnt everyday! I am honoured to find a friend in you, Baba. Thank you for reminding me that humanity is the greatest religion of all.

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This is Baba, an auto driver in Hyderabad. Baba saved my day. I was here for a visa interview, and short of cash by a...

Varijashree Venugopal 发布于 2017年4月10日

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