This discussion offers a ringside view of Flipkart’s role in empowering MSMEs to aspire and to achieve


India’s Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sector forms an integral part of the country’s economy. These enterprises are responsible for creating millions of jobs, contributing a sizable chunk to the country’s GDP and for producing close to half of India’s exports.

Towards the end of March last year, as the ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic were felt across all sectors, it was the MSMEs that were among the worst hit. Many of them saw their regular sources of credit drying up, the breakdown of their supply chains, and the demand for their products drying up.

The past year has shown that going digital is the way forward in today’s challenging business environment. According to a McKinsey survey of companies, the digitisation of customer and supply chain interactions and of their internal operations have seen an acceleration of close to three to four years. Some MSMEs have taken the lead in opting for the digital route to unlock new opportunities in a post-pandemic world.

How Flipkart is empowering MSMEs to achieve their dreams

For more than a decade, Flipkart has been empowering such MSMEs across the country by providing them the digital leg-up to achieve their most ambitious goals. From clothing retailers of Kolkata to footwear manufacturers of Bengaluru, MSMEs have reached out to millions of consumers on the digital platform and have been able to take their businesses in new and exciting directions.

Such stories have the power to inspire others to stretch themselves beyond their current expectations. Many of them have often braved the odds to explore new growth opportunities, and have earned their reward for doing so. To showcase their empowering journeys, Flipkart will be releasing a book, titled Building a million dreams - Stories of resilience from Flipkart Sellers on 23rd June 2021.

As part of MSME Week, some of these ambitious MSME owners will also get in conversation with Jagjeet Harode, Senior Director and Head - Marketplace, Flipkart and talk about their unique growth journeys. They will share the stories of the origins of their business, the challenges they faced, and how Flipkart has been there at every step to help them tackle those hurdles while offering a platform to sell their products across the country.


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