[Funding alert] NirogGyan raises seed round from healthcare veterans, PIEDS, and others

NirogGyan is a SaaS startup focused on healthcare sector whose tech platform simplifies the contents of a lab report.

NirogGyan, a SaaS startup focused on the healthcare industry, has raised an undisclosed seed round of funding from a group of healthcare veterans.

The participants in this seed round include senior professionals from the healthcare industry - Arindam Haldar, Teji HS, Sumit Bagaria, and others like BITS Pilani's startup incubator PIEDS.

Founded by Shweta Gandhi and Joyneel Acharya in 2019, NirogGyan makes its simple to understand the health test reports of an individual for even non-medical professionals. Shweta and Joyneel are IIM graduates.

The “Smart Reports” platform of NirogGyan makes its easy to understand medical documents with simple explanations, graphs, tips, multi-language options, dashboards and branding options for healthcare providers.

NirogGyan founders Shweta Gandhi and Joyneel Acharya , said,

“Achieving the product-market fit took solid two years. The next phase involves building a high-quality team to make it a patient-engagement standard in the Indian market, growing 5x in the process to 10,000 individual users a day.”

The startup plans to double down on three verticals – medical content, technology and design. It also has partnerships with labs, Laboratory Information System (LIS) software vendors and hospitals.

The founders believe this is a large space and it aims to improve the health literacy level by increasing the smartness of quantifiable parameters being generated by labs & people every day.

“Through collaboration with the erstwhile players, we’ll make sure that no preventive or chronic user of healthcare has unanswered questions around must-know personalised information,” the founders noted.

NirogGyan started as a bootstrapped venture and says its tech platform has got strong traction in the market.

Girish Mehta, an investor in this round, said, “It is time for this idea to grow and spread wings. At NirogGyan, we are breaking barriers to information accessibility by enabling pathlabs to rethink their businesses and actually deliver the power of data & simplified technology to the last person in the queue."

Edited by Megha Reddy