How this digital agency is reimagining marketing by creating inspirational stories


The global content marketing industry which was worth just $42.2 million is expected to generate revenue worth $137.2 million by 2026. A similar situation unfolds closer home as well with the digital advertising industry in India being worth Rs 199 billion in 2020 from its earlier Rs 47 billion in 2015. And the driving force behind this phenomenal annual growth rate of the industry and its subsidiaries is digital marketers and digital marketing agencies like Optiminastic Media.

The Mumbai-based digital marketing agency has a large bouquet of core services like content marketing, performance marketing and influencer marketing. The company is popular for creating valuable content and engaging digital experiences for some of the most famous brands like Nykaa, AVIVA life Insurance, Helo app, Resso app, SESA Hair Oil, MX Player, Oyo etc.

The back story

Akshae Golekar and Ashitosh Wadkar decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge in 2018. Coming from a family of professionals, Akshae — who was just 21 at that time — stayed in Dubai for three years, closely observed the marketing scene and recognised the potential growth patterns in the industry. Armed with valuable knowledge and experience that he gained from his time in Dubai, Akshae conceived his maiden venture with his friend Ashitosh. Thus was born Optiminastic Media with Akshae’s living room as their first office.

Although the road ahead was fraught with struggles, the startup slowly gained traction in the sector and clients started coming in. It started off with trying to manage single digital brands for the first year and then went on to work with 70+ brands in the next two years.

Keeping up their core competency in services, Optiminastic’s long-lasting associations with a number of brands helped them sail through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scripting success

The moment of glory arrived when the startup started working for one of the best gluten-free brands in the country, with a retail presence in Mumbai. Talking about the digital marketing campaign for the brand, Akshae and Ashitosh say, “When you start building a brand online, it’s all about hustling. Building a brand from scratch is both exciting and challenging. You’re just trying to reach out to customers and generate revenue. But as you grow, you develop processes around the workflows. From website, PR, social media to paid advertising campaigns - we did it all to build the brand loyalty.”

Optiminastic has also collaborated with several influencers, on-boarding some of the talented content creators on the social media platforms. Their new division, ‘Opti-Crate’, is currently handling exclusive creators, helping them market their content and themselves at a scaled-up level.

The startup has recently set up its office in Dubai and hopes to become an international agency.


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