[FullerLife with Shradha Sharma] Overcoming you: the only block to manifesting your dreams

Like all of us in this pandemic age, I am also on a quest to seek a fuller life. I chanced upon this book 'Meditation the Cure' by Naveen Varshneya and it got me thinking that a way to fight the pandemic is to make healing ubiquitous.

If you cannot feel it, you cannot heal it.

The core of any healing process is to first feel the emotion, the pain. Run away from the pain, and you delay the healing process.

Like all of us in this pandemic age, I am also on a quest to seek a fuller life. A time that is screaming ‘change’ unlike any other time that we have experienced. I hear people say that we need to re-engineer our lives. We need to embrace the uncertainty, loss, grief, pain, and anxiety that come along with the change.

How do we do that? How do we carefully negotiate life avoiding the landmines littered across our path?

Shradha Sharma with Naveen Varshneya.

I chanced upon this book Meditation the Cure by Naveen Varshneya and was intrigued by his vision of empowering one healer in every household. It got me thinking that a way to fight the pandemic is to make healing ubiquitous. I had to meet him and find out how his methodology at NVlife, an organisation that he started, can help those of us seeking answers to leading a fuller life.

This book, according to Naveen, is the result of seven years of guiding thousands of people with chronic conditions to arrive at the state of meditation and reverse their suffering. With this vision to take the cure to every household, he studied why the same choices, events, and environment lead some people to attract distress, disorder, disease, misery, and misfortune while others do not.

Here are some excerpts from our conversation. You can watch the full conversation here.

Suffering has become an epidemic

“Suffering has grown at a faster pace in the last few decades compared to the solutions which were traditionally available whether from science, spirituality, or psychiatry.

“If you have to solve your life, then you have to go to the root cause. It's within you. You have to experience the cure because if you're suffering, then the solution to your suffering is a cure that you experience.

“There's a difference between loss, grief, and pain. When we talk about grief and pain, these are two different things. Pain is transformative in nature.”

The cure is within you

“Wherever you have landed up today is a result of the choices you made, and when you did not have a choice, it was also a choice made in some previous era. Your choices are made either in wisdom or in fear. There is nothing in between. And that leads you where you are today.

“As long as humanity remains dependent on any external agency for health and wellbeing, we will never be able to eradicate suffering from the face of the planet.

“In this book, I have established that a state of meditation is a state of cure.

Naveen Varshneya

“It tells you how to turn inwards. And when you turn inwards, who do you meet? You meet the person you have been trying to avoid – yourself. You get scared. So the barrier in implementing it is only this.

“People who say that meditation is not meant for me, I ask them, is suffering meant for you? Is anger meant for you? So why do you have a problem with the word meditation?

“Breathing is inversely proportional to your thoughts. So if you focus and observe your breath, then your thoughts will begin to diminish.”

Manifesting dreams

“Shall I ask you a question? What is the difference between a dream and a vision? Or between a dream and a fantasy? Dreaming is like thinking, it is free of cost. Anybody can dream anything. But you should be able to understand the difference between a dream and a vision. If it is a vision, it will always manifest. If it is coming from a position of lack, then it is just a dream.

[Find more details about the book here]

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