SaaS delivery platform Pickrr registers record growth numbers; launches new fulfillment centres


Logistic-tech platform Pickrr is leading the space with its state-of-the-art tech innovations. Pickrr is a one-stop solution for D2C and start-up brands striving hard to reach out to their customer base across the country. Through its AI powered dashboard, it allows order placement of thousands of shipments in a single click, real- time shipment tracking, multiple language features, and advises the best courier partner for businesses and more. By the end of 2021, Pickrr will have sixteen fulfillment centers across the country. Founded in 2015, the startup has managed to achieve many milestones in terms of growth numbers. Recently, Pickrr registered a three-fold jump in deliveries during the festive period this year.

“We are confident of our growth trajectory based on innovative products taking personalisation in online selling to a different level,” said Gaurav Mangla, Co-founder and CEO, Pickrr.

The startup also launched brand-new fulfilment centres and tech solutions to facilitate the same. Gaurav recently caught up with YourStory to discuss the growth numbers in 2020-21, tech innovations, future plans, and more. Read on.

[YourStory]:Pickrr has seen shipping volume growth of approximately 400 percent in the current year. This is remarkable especially in the pandemic year. Do you think pandemic-led change in consumer behaviour aided the growth of Pickrr?

[Gaurav Mangala]: Big players like Amazon and Flipkart ruled the online commerce industry in the pre-pandemic era. After COVID-19, there was a huge surge in online orders which acted as a boost for small/medium e-commerce brands across the country. The pandemic also led to the emergence of several D2C brands. At Pickrr, we streamlined the logistics solutions for e-commerce brands with data intelligence. We turned this crisis into an opportunity and helped emerging brands with innovative delivery solutions . We took the charge to deliver to all areas via local courier partners as well along with maintaining transparency between sellers and customers. The brands that came onboard with us experienced the best services and stayed with us leading to such remarkable growth.

[YourStory]:You recently announced the unveiling of four new fulfillment centres and a solution called Pickrr Plus. How will this help D2C and other online businesses in terms of scaling?

[Gaurav Mangla]: Yes, we recently launched four new centres and are looking to add six more by the end of 2021. Our fully tech enabled Fulfilment facility - Pickrr Plus, an e-commerce fulfilment solution helps the brands and online businesses with their last-mile logistics needs. All the fulfilment facilities of Pickrr provide tailor-made solutions, including using a warehouse management system with smart technology, smooth palletised in and outflow of bulk orders, customised packaging, refrigeration capability etc. This end-to-end solution infrastructure comes with the complete suite of demand forecasting engines, replenishment cycle, SKU placements to simplify inventory management, logistic operations etc to help the brands offer a better consumer experience at the lowest logistics cost. Additionally, being closer to the customers with the Pickrr Plus Fulfillment model, sellers can automate their orders, reduce inventory worries, and deliver shipments to their customers within 24-48 hours.

[YourStory] For D2C brands, how do you think a delivery partner like yours is more beneficial than traditional courier services?

[Gaurav Mangla] We are a one-stop solution for all the businesses who need logistic services. Brands don't have to coordinate at multiple levels or track their orders. Pickrr has a smart dashboard that gives them state-of-the-art features. With Pickrr's integrated dashboard, brands can manage thousands of orders with a single click, track orders, manage multiple pickups, and facilitate easy return. Our mobile application helps our sellers further streamline their operations. For end-end logistic solutions, we are always a better and prefered partner as compared to that of traditional courier service.

[YourStory] What are some of the innovative tech features that were introduced on the Pickrr’s platform?

[Gaurav Mangla]: We are constantly working on bringing in new tech solutions. This is the only way we can serve our clients better and enable them to provide a good experience. From a tech-enabled dashboard to real-time shipment tracking, we managed to create an intelligent platform. With Pickrr plus, we store the data related to the brand’s products available at all of our warehouses. Our smart system triggers a communication if a particular stock is about to run off with an estimated time of consumption of the same. Not only this, to break the language barrier and to empower sellers across the country, we have introduced multiple language options to our dashboard like Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Punjabi and many more.

[YourStory]: What are your plans for the future? Are you optimistic about keeping up with these growth numbers?

[Gaurav Mangla]:Our target is to achieve 80-90 percent next day delivery. We will continue to enhance customer experience by delivering the products within 24-48 hours. Hence, we are looking to penetrate Tier II, III markets aggressively . And, finally, launch more technology and function to provide ease to our sellers and customer base.


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