How Borzo (ex-WeFast) is empowering Indian SMEs with its lightning-fast delivery

Availing access to same-day deliveries has hugely helped customers across the country, and Borzo (previously WeFast) has been working towards facilitating the same via any route, transport, weight, or size since 2012.

In the present day, there are several e-commerce brands that offer high-quality products to customers to choose from online. In this scenario, customers prefer to order products from platforms that promise faster delivery, and several customers even abandon brands if their orders are subject to a longer delivery time.

In order to address this challenge, Borzo facilitates same-day delivery via any route, transport, weight, or size at a competitive price. Founded in 2012, the company provides same-day delivery in 10 different countries and fulfills over 3 million orders every month for over 3 million active customers, who are served by 3 million couriers across its target demographics.


Borzo was founded by serial entrepreneur Mike Alexandrovski, who has experience in launching new businesses for 20 years along with acute management expertise. Before coming up with the idea of launching Borzo, Mike realised that due to the rapid increase in internet adoption and access, the number of digital buyers was increasing every year, which placed an emphasis on the products’ quality and delivery time.

He went on to notice that when various online stores offered products of the same quality, people preferred to choose stores that provided faster delivery options. On the other hand, he found that it wasn't always comfortable for retailers to work with incumbent logistics companies while keeping their own couriers was not cost-effective. This gave rise to the idea of Borzo, which promised to empower businesses and customers alike by providing a same-day intra-city delivery platform.

Previously known as WeFast, Borzo uses highly advanced algorithms to enable affordable, fast, and precise delivery for the mass market. These algorithms optimise numerous parallel deliveries by taking factors like geographical routes, packages’ content, and couriers into account to ensure the feasibility of same-day deliveries. In the present day, Borzo has expanded to 10 international markets and continues to expand rapidly. Its aim now is to push on to the next level and become a truly global company.

USP, growth and future plans

Borzo takes pride in the fact that it takes care of delivering original quality products, independent of demand and everyday delivery limits. In case of any grievances, Borzo also facilitates friendly customer support and rated couriers for users for smooth processing.

The platform also ensures that users can place their orders with minimal fuss, and is constantly working towards changing the perception of customer service by providing features like order status, payment options and return orders.

Dr Pravin Jain, MD of HomoeoCARE says, “Our homeopathic clinic was facing a significant challenge with our medicine distribution. Especially during the pandemic, when we were facing an issue of delivering our medicine to our patients, we discovered Borzo and saw significant improvement rightaway. After using this platform, we have seen improvement in our service as people were more comfortable getting medicines at our doorstep.”

But the USP of the brand isn’t the only thing that has helped it grow in the past decade. At the initial stage of its development, Borzo launched local brands that were adaptive to the demographic they operated in, in order to ensure that they were better perceived by their target audience.

“India is one of our highest-growing markets, and we’ve just recorded a 260 percent rise in deliveries and 200 percent increase in active customers year-over-year, validating the demand for reliable same-day delivery that our customers have”, says Idriss al Rifai, CEO of Borzo.

Eventually, Borzo realised that this is not a strategy that global companies should follow as these brands do not contribute to the image of the international company. Since then, all these brands have been unified under the Borzo brand as it looks to intensify its expansion, even though it runs the risk of losing a part of its loyal audience base with this step.

Looking forward, Borzo aims to enable people to build their own businesses with the help of its same-day intra-city delivery platform. According to Borzo, having the ability to deliver products right away helps small and medium businesses in competing with established e-commerce retail players, thus diversifying the choices of consumers.


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