Learn how a strong ERP will enable your company to derive the maximum return on invested capital.

Join the live panel discussion to find out how to uplift investor value through Cloud ERP for VC-backed companies, PE firms, and startups from ACL Digital and Oracle NetSuite experts.

What does it take to build a successful enterprise? There are many with entrepreneurial aspirations, but building and managing a business is anything but easy. From managing assets to people-related issues, crucial decision-making to driving value for investors, businesses of all sizes and scales need to be bold, agile, and innovative.

To stay ahead of the competition, businesses can invest in advanced digital solutions to simplify operations. Industry experts believe that VC/PE-backed companies and startups must have a cloud-based ERP (enterprise resource planning) system that can be deployed quickly and accelerate value creation across portfolios.

Tune in to the live panel discussion...

Cloud ERP is a comprehensive business management solution that can help you manage various aspects of running a business, thereby maximising revenue. To discuss in detail the various benefits of Cloud ERP, ACL Digital and Oracle NetSuite in association with Yourstory are hosting a panel discussion for companies on ‘Maximizing ROIC: How Cloud ERP can drive investor value creation for Startups’.

The panel discussion will deep-dive into solving people-related challenges, process inefficiencies, cost overruns, and more using a cloud-based ERP system that can be deployed quickly and accelerate value creation across portfolios for organisations.

The live panel discussion is scheduled to take place on March 17, 3:00 PM IST.

What is in store?

The expert panel will take you through the workings of Oracle NetSuite and how it can be used to derive various business advantages such as cost efficiency, better supply chain inventory management, improved cash flow, digital transformation etc.

Participants can look forward to learning about:

  • Key mandates and KPIs required to thrive in the current dynamic landscape
  • How businesses investigate visibility, control, agility, and compliance aspects
  • Value of standardised business processes, improving cash flow strategies, and faster time to onboard/divest the portfolios
  • How Oracle NetSuite enables operational value creation and fuels digital transformation for PE-VC portfolio companies
  • Demonstrate success through IPO readiness and drive towards a successful exit

The speaker lineup at the panel discussion includes Benjamin Mah, Head of Strategy and Business Development, Oracle Netsuite Asia Pacific & Japan; Svetha Ravi, Director, Arali Ventures; Swapnil Dighe, Global Consulting Practice Head - Oracle & NetSuite, ACL Digital; and Suresh G V, Principal Partner - Digital Transformation, ACL Digital.

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A lot of VC/PE backed companies, startups, small and large enterprises have realised the potential of investing in a good ERP solution. In this competitive era, not being able to keep up with the latest digital solutions may cost you your business. Hence the best of enterprises in a good ERP solution that gives value to your business and allows you to take the competition head-on.

Be a part of this live panel discussion and gain valuable insights on unlocking your company’s full potential. Also, realise how Oracle NetSuite will enable companies to derive the maximum return on invested capital.


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