Why Uber India South Asia President is now driving passengers himself

Uber India South Asia President Prabhjeet Singh has been spotted driving an Uber around Delhi and Gurugram himself to help understand the customer's pain points.

In a smart move to understand his customers better, Uber India and South Asia President Prabhjeet Singh has been stealthily masquerading as an Uber driver on the streets of Gurugram and New Delhi over the last couple of days.

Ananya Dwivedi, Founder of music-as-a-service startup ArtPillz, had stepped out of her house for the first time in a long time, and had the fortune of running into Singh as her driver. While she didn't initially believe he was who he said he was, a quick Google search made her realise how lucky she had been to be a part of such a humble experiment.

Prabhjeet Singh, President, Uber India and South Asia

On LinkedIn, Dwivedi said, "It takes real humility as well as grit to get to the roots of the problems like this.

Full respect."

Similarly, Madhuvanthi Sundarajan, General Manager of Brand for D2C unicorn startup Mamaearth, which is run by Shark Tank judge Ghazal Alagh, ran into Singh on her daily commute on Tuesday. She noticed that Singh made an impression on her before she even met him, when he promptly pinged her about coming to her location when the cab was booked, and not needing to call her for more details.

As she stepped into the cab, Singh said, "Hi Madhuvanthi, I am [from] Uber India and you are my first passenger today. Would you be willing to do this ride?" Sundarajan, who was leaving office after a long day, said that the moment made her day!

Additionally, she praised Uber's decision to create this customer feedback loop. "This is a superb initiative. Huge respect for wanting to understand things on-ground," she said on her LinkedIn page detailing the account.

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