Pratik Bhakta

As a fintech reporter since 2015, Pratik knows that numbers never lie and there is always a story to be woven around them. First for The Economic Times and then for Moneycontrol, he has used this lens to cover the intersection of finance, technology and entrepreneurship. He loves prolonged conversations with entrepreneurs, policymakers and investors over multiple rounds of chai. What he loves about fintech? If HDFC Bank transformed the face of Indian banking over the past two decades, the next, Pratik believes, will belong to the fintechs. And Indian entrepreneurs will have to battle it out among themselves along with the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon, making the sector one of the hottest right now. With every startup wanting to be fintech these days, Pratik feels there is also a need to cut the clutter. At The CapTable he wants to bring out the answer to the question, 'how is technology changing the distribution of financial services?'