Amit Sharma

Amit Sharma is the Group Chief Executive Officer of the eExpedise Group and one of the promoters of the Group. As a Group CEO, he spearheads the management of the group however he is currently more focused on healthcare vertical and working on promoting India as Medical & Wellness Tourism Destination across the Globe.

Amit has over 17 years of experience in various domain put of which 8 years in Healthcare & Wellness. He is a certified Medical and wellness tourism Expert by the Medical Tourism Association (MTA) and Sin Sigma Black Belt. He has done extensive research on Healthcare industry and has been working towards bringing Transparency, ease and Accessibility in Healthcare & Wellness Industry.

He has designed couple of innovative solutions in Healthcare & Healthcare Insurance sector which will bring a paradigm shift in healthcare benefit utilization process. He has conceptualized, designed and implemented two pre-paid cards, namely Cashless Hospitalization VISA and the Health & Medical VISA that won him several national as well as international awards and accolades.

With a Masters’ in degree in Business Administration with specialization in operations, Amit is also known in the industry for his prowess in people and relationship management, process streamlining and improvements, operations, teambuilding and training and grievance redressal management. He has also demonstrated success in management and implementation of complex corporate acquisition initiatives, successful organizational integrations and product & service designing.

He has been invited in various forums and talk shows to share his views on Modern Healthcare Industry and Medical Tourism across the globe.

Whilst gaining a thorough experience in the healthcare and insurance industry, Amit closely observed the trends in both domestic as well as international Health & Insurance care domains and realized that while the industry continued to grow at the rate of 18% per year, there still was a gap in the delivery systems and benefit utilization processes for both individual as well has Cash patient.

He is dedicatedly working to ease and fasten the communication process through technology minimizing human intervention & dependency for all stake holders. All including patients should get all the required information at just a click of a button.

Along with the above, he is also working on various other initiatives and innovative solutions in this space and has already filed couple of patents. His recent patient is in the field of Medical Value Travel. A System and Method for Real Time Assessment of Wellness and Health Insurance’ and ‘A System and Method for any time Medical Assistance and Advisory’ in the domains of insurance and medical tourism respectively.

Driven by a focus on the complementing verticals of technology and healthcare, Amit envisions offering solution-based strategies instead of selling a ‘product’ by offering unique services and solutions for each requirement both in IT and healthcare, including medical tourism. With a strong presence in GCC and Asia Pacific, Amit plans to expand the group’s presence and its operations in over 35 countries by 2020, targeting areas such as the whole of, Asia, CIS and Europe. Along with setting the expansion goals, Amit also believes in the significance of Human Resources and aims to provide employment to more than 50,000 people around the world by 2020. One of his key goals is for the eExpedise Group to be recognized as the ‘Best Company to work at’ five years down the line. 

Along with catering to his healthcare and technology empire, Amit leaves no stone unturned to ensure that he gets to spend quality time with his wife, his daughter and his toddler son. Passionate about everything that he endeavors in, Amit also likes traveling and cooking whenever he has time to spare.