DcodeAI is a DIY Artificial Learning platform that helps students learn concepts of AI through fun and interactive activities, games and projects without the need for expensive hardware. See more

Basic Information

DcodeAI helps students master concepts of AI without the need of having any coding background. Use low code/no code tools to make learning AI fundamentals easy, intuitive and personalized they help users learn and implement AI models without the need for special computing resources or GPUs (Graphics Processing Units). The set of DIY learning programs, including Python, Statistics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision (CV), and Data Science are designed for kids who want to learn AI and develop their skills in data visualization, statistics, machine learning, deep learning and more. These learning programs are suitable for students who want to develop chatbots, image recognition models, as well as voice recognition-based bots and home automation systems. See more

Legal Name


DcodeAI Private Limited



Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Business Model




Founding Date


6th Oct 2020

No. of Employees


21 to 40

Core Team


Ashish Aggarwal

Co Founder


Kartik Sharma

Co Founder

Target Market


Anyone who is looking to upskill themselves with future skills can come on to the DcodeAI platform and start to learn Artificial Intelligence. We offer no-code/low-code tools to get anyone started on their journey to become an AI Expert.

User Age


Less than 18, 18 to 25

User Income


Lower-middle Income, Upper-middle Income, High Income


Schools, Universities or Institutions that would to provide a practical experience to learning Artificial Intelligence partner with DcodeAI and use its platform to not only teach various concepts of AI but also allow students to demonstrate their learning on our cloud-based development environment, where students can develop projects in AI without the need of expensive hardware, like GPUs or TPUs.

Client Segment


Education, DeepTech, Technology

Target Companies


Small Enterprise, Medium Enterprise, Large Enterprise, Startup


Total Funding





Sultan Chand & Sons (P) Ltd