Deevs Mp3 (OPC) Pvt Ltd founded by Divyam Agarwal is an Indian Production Management Company.

Basic Information

Delhi based Deevs Mp3 is founded by Divyam Agarwal an Indian Production Management Company that deals in Artist Production/Promotion Management, Adword/FB Growth, Music Distribution/Promotion, Reels Promotion/Production Management, Verification Consultancy. Deevs Mp3 (OPC) Pvt Ltd has been the sole cause of why many people have had the chance to live their dreams and do the work they desire. The company has come in support of several social workers, politicians, influencers, singers, and YouTubers to boost up their brands and create a remarkable name for them. The company has a network follower of about 100k to 10million. Among them, there have been some noteworthy people namely, Sameeksha Sud, Ibrahim Soul, Anjali Kapoor, Heroxicated Armaan, Divyanka Sirohi, Bihari Ladka, Aarti Arora, Karan Ahuja, and many others. See more

Legal Name


Deevs Mp3 (OPC) Private Limited



Delhi, Delhi, India

Business Model



Founding Date



No. of Employees


41 to 60

Core Team


Divyam Agarwal