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DOST (Delivery Optimization Shared Transportation) is a national award winning collaborative urban freight mobility solution for urban supply chains.
Basic Information
DOST (Delivery Optimization Shared Transportation) is developing cost efficient transportation solutions for distribution of goods & services in local markets across tier 2 and tier 3 Cities of India. Their distribution logistics platform “DOST” helps businesses and transporters collaborate locally and optimise distribution logistics. DOST offers supply chain specific "T2T" (Tech to Truck) platform primarily for "B2B" transactions focused on optimizing last mile distribution of goods & services. DOST consolidates transportation demand for distribution of goods & services and offers Delivery Infrastructure as a Service (DIaaS). DOST has developed a bouquet of shared transportation solutions like DOST eDhan (for fuel/diesel at doorstep), DOST Marudhara (for mineral transportation from mines to sites/plants), Last mile load pooling solution DOST “SUGAM” (Smart Urban, Green & Alternative Mobility) for wholesale markets/malls, DOST Micro (Mobile app based just in time transportation solution) etc.
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Delivery Optimization Shared Transportation
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
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Anirudh Batwara
Vikas Sethia
Co-founder & CEO