Eko is providing the best way to collect cash at your doorstep.

Basic Information

New Delhi based Eko has been catering to millions of low and moderate-income Indians by providing them with a cash-in point to convert their cash to digital and make payments for an array of services. Founded by brothers Abhishek Sinha and Abhinav Sinha in 2007, with its patented technology and with money remittance as a core service, it has partnerships with over 11 allied services that assist the typical Indian to make digital transactions in cash, thereby creating a data trail. Through Eko, users can make utility bill payments, recharge for prepaid telephony and prepaid television, make cross-border transfers from India-to-Nepal, buy health and auto insurance, do online shopping and Aadhaar-enabled payment services and MSME lending. Eko enables its merchants to service ‘cash’ customers with online transaction needs. It has built a high- velocity, small-value, cash collection capability that is already collecting and converting over US$8 million in cash to digital money every day. On this foundation of cash collection capability, Eko is creating a mechanism to serve ‘cash’ customers on its digital platform. Eko’s network extends beyond 100k merchants across 150 Indian cities. As on today, Eko processes over US$230 million in transactions per month and has created India’s largest cash-to-digital network. See more

Legal Name


Eko India Financial Services Private Limited



Gurugram, Haryana, India

Business Model



Founding Date



No. of Employees


61 to 100

Core Team







Sep | Company Incorporation
Eko India Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. was launched in 2007 when two brothers from telecom industry were frustrated by the fact that banks operate only 6 hours a day while telecom industry works 24/7. This became the core mission of the company.
Mar | Product Launch
Eko connect application was launched on this date which now acts as a base for all the merchants to perform transactions for their customers. Prior to this, the transactions were done using codes on the dial pad (aka USSD).

Target Market


Eko provides API for multiple services like AePS, DMT, PAN verification etc to the businesses who wish to start their own financial application or need the relevant API's for their existing business model.

Client Segment


Administrative Services, FinTech, Software

Target Companies


Startup, Small Enterprise, Medium Enterprise, Large Enterprise


Eko provides mobile application to the retail merchants who further use this application to provide financial services for their customers and earn commission on each transaction.

User Age


18 to 25, 26 to 34, 35 to 45

User Income


Lower-middle Income