Ingig is facilitating High-quality and highly interactive Music, Poetry and much more.

Basic Information

Bengaluru, Karnataka based Ingig wants to rationalize online entertainment towards sustainability. They are working hard to evaporate the boundaries around art so that art transcends geographical, regional and cultural differences and is appreciated in its purest form. Their overarching vision comes with a need for concrete foundations, which lie in their three principles - Cutting edge technology infinitely scalable live streaming capabilities that can support lag-less, high-quality, cross-country video & audio streaming; Artist Community build a curated community of artists who learn from each other in a healthy environment while also making a sustainable income; The Euphoric experience they take their customers and artists primarily. They curate an online event experience so that online concerts start feeling as good as the offline concerts allowing you to have group communications, network, laugh and applaud together. Their Salient Features: 99.96% less lag as compared to incumbent platforms; Live experience like never before; Studio-like sound quality, even better than a live concert; The only platform with zero lag 720-1080p live videos; Make money sustainably through ticket sales, ads and social media; No lengthy forms or wait times, One-click show setup. See more

Legal Name


Euphoria Entertainment Private Limited



Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Core Team


Aniket Gupta

Co-Founder & CEO


Shivam Garg