Power of thoughts : truth or bullshit?

    A lot has been said and written about this subject but actually... we don't just want to know it, we want to see it!

    2nd Aug 2016
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    What is the whole point?

    The main objective of the Project : The Secret is to create the largest social human experiment so far that can show us for good, if thoughts can be materialized in our reality or not. The documentary "What the bleep do we know", brought to us 10 years ago, suggested that we can modify our own reality with our thoughts. Scientists call this quantum mechanics. Rhonda Byrne, author of the book "The Secret", sold millions of copies all around the world, called this same phenomena the law of attraction. Now, the documentary "The living matrix", is telling us that our thoughts could heal a chronic illness. I, like many of you out there, am skeptical about this theories and ideas, so I say it again... we don't just want to know it, we want to see it!


    Why giving 5$ to support Project: The Secret

    To achieve great projects we need many tools to do so and money is one of them. Your 5$ contribution will EXCLUSIVELY serve to establish a rock solid platform and our structures that will allow us to experiment limitless possibilities. If the funding goal is reached, this will confirm that the first trial session of 4 experiments will occur in 2017. That being said, you are not required to contribute to be member and participate in the experiments, but this would show to other members, your real commitment into the Project. If by any chance we manage to surpass the funding goal, it will guarantee us another trial session. This time though, we would test 4 new experiments suggested by you, Fellowship members. Let us know what you would like to test out by joining the group: experiment suggestions.

    Where to start ?

    The only experiment that brings us close to tangible results is Dr Masaru Emoto's rice experiment. In his experiment, he put the same amount of freshly cooked rice in two different jars with one labeled with the word "hate" and the other with the word "love". For 30 days, for a period of one minutes each day, he said out loud positive and negative words holding in his hands the respective jar. What were the results ? See for yourself . Unfortunately, Dr Emoto passed away two years ago in the middle of his research projects. Project: The Secret will perform similar experiments on the power of thoughts but on a larger scale.

    What is my bet?

    The next Energy won't be discovered in a traditional lab, within four walls using millions of dollars of specialized equipment. It will be discovered by uniting human beings together. WE ARE the lab. My former experience in chemistry labs and the arrival of a new quantum physics model have helped me to design the methodology for these experiments.

    Why am I doing this?

    The Idea for these experiments crossed my mind three years ago but I decided to ignore them because they seemed impossible to do. However something happened that changed my mind. Two years ago, my little daughter was put on a queue for a brain scan to detect possible tumors. The worst four-month wait of my life. I made a deal with the sky: get my daughter out of hospital and I will complete this project, even if it seems impossible and unconventional. I can't break my promise now that my daughter is doing well.

    Why joining the Fellowship of Project: The Secret?

    Many of you can see and feel the trend out there, where we talk a lot more about the power of thought, about visualization and positive thinking. We are all evolving alone in this, by reading some great books, articles or even by watching amazing TV shows that talk about the way universe works. Imagine if you could talk about all this with people like you who are very open minded? This is the main purpose of the Fellowship, to dig deeper into the subject and to share our personal discoveries with everyone. It’s time to connect to each other to assemble the pieces of the puzzle and to gain force together, as a new collective movement. We must create a mind power strike force to attempt the experiments of Project: The Secret and this is what we will do. The Fellowship needs real leaders able to engage members in this huge task by showing them the way to follow. Leadership is not just a man's affair, we hope to see many of you, ladies.






    What do we need?

    We need to create a community of 125,000 willing people, who can give 20 minutes of their precious time, to participate simultaneously in our experiments on our website platform. To make this possible, we absolutely need to raise 55,000$ to achieve the web platform and to reach our participants objective. The experiments will occur physically in Montreal, Canada, and will be broadcast live on our website. We look forward to see who will be the first 125,000 new explorers to face this challenge never tried before. ARE YOU ONE OF THOSE WHO SPEAK OR THOSE WHO ACT?

    What theories will be used?

    One simple thought is very weak. In chemistry, in order to have a stronger effect, we have to focus as more energy as we can in a very small time period. We’ll use this theory by joining together in real time, 125 000 willing people focusing on the same simple thought at the same time. With this level of concentration, it might show something.

    Quantum physic tells us that when we look an apple, it lights up a specific area in our brain. If we close our eyes and imagine the same apple, it lights up the same area in our brain. So it brings one question: what is the reality? The one we see with our eyes open or the other that we can create with our thoughts? We'll use this theory as well in our experiments by asking our participants to stand in front of their computers, wherever they are, and follow instructions with their eyes open or closed.

    Dr Emoto's researches tell us also that water can absorb and transfer good or bad energy. Our bodies are composed of almost 65% of water, which makes us real transmitters/receivers. We’ll also use this theory as well. We are going to light up, all together, the same area in our brains by watching the same media clip on the web platform, before firing simultaneously together the same thought in reality.

    Finally, in each experiment we have to find a way to bypass the brain's rationality.

    Are you in?

    If you refuse to believe that nuclear energy is the most powerful energy that exists and that there is something mightier out there... you're in.

    If you think that we are all connected and not all divided as individuals... you're in.

    If you think that in many fields of our everyday lives, we are bullshitted by different establishments in place... you're in.

    If you think religion wars are real sh**... you're in.

    If you think modern medicine has its limits and we might have other ways to get cured instead of swallowing tons of pills... you're in.

    If you read the book "The Secret" and you were intrigued to test it out... you're in.

    The experiment day

    The day of the event, at the first attempt,there will be a set of 4 experiments. It will take approximately 20 minutes of your precious time to go through those three experiments online. You surely understand that I can't promise you any results. The only thing that I can promise you is, I gonna make those experiments happen whatever it takes and the energy it needs, in all sincerity. This is the project of my life. I spent the last year reading, searching, thinking and working on it, trying to create experiments that can present the best chances to reveal something.

    Experiment #1 : Blowing a sewing needle suspended


    Like the image above, we are going to force this sewing needle to move by combining the power of our thoughts. Read more

    Experiment #2 : Cheating the Galton board


    With the power of our thoughts, we are going to force balls to go all left, which will change the “regular” pattern. Read more

    Experiment #3 : Electromagnetic charge


    Different tests to be done. Read more


    I can't imagine not having at least 125,000 people from all around the world able to think outside the box. Are you one of them? And you former scientist colleagues, will you be open to try something new with us even if none of this has been previously tested on this scale by science?

    We absolutely need all your generosity to give all this ambitious Project a try. Be generous and active, a new window is open and it is up to us to check what is inside. Are you as curious as I am?

    See you in the Fellowship...

    Stéphane Boily,

    Project: The Secret founder

    ***Write your comments, positive or negative, as long it is constructive.***

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