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Zoho TVC — A powerful message to the world of User Experience

Sunday November 20, 2016,

2 min Read

Zoho Corp TV Commercial — “OS for business” advertisement reinstated a message to the world of UX designers and user experience. Though it is inferred but direct i.e. web and mobile apps designed either B2B or B2C should be as beautiful as like your favorite personal app.

For long time FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods) products were the center stage of TV advertisements. Companies push to make their brand engagement last longer into the customer lives to make large revenues. The equation is now being applied to software products as well.

More than choice, A need

Designing B2B application has a long tradition, making it more business. Complicated task flows, dumb design, crowded functionalities & design elements of 90’s. Because they intend to build software for business and not to the customer they didn’t invest time in experience design. But this cannot exist for a long time. An app put in use by a single person company or a large business entity should be engagement driven.

People demand consumer-grade software products that meets their daily life standards. A beautiful yet usable app design & experience retains the user for a longer time. When it reflects his persona it creates an emotional engagement.

A few benefits of customer-graded B2B application

1. Reduced product training cost

2. Better customer engagement

3. Zero customer support

Note: I'm not employed at Zoho. This this article is intended to convey the takeaways of a software product TV commercial.