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5 Cool #Newage Movies, Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

Discover The Entrepreneur In you

Tuesday December 13, 2016,

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Okay! Enough about "The Wolf of WallStreet"s and "The Pursuit of Happiness"s. We all have watched those cult movies many times over and over again. I am not taking away the greatness of those movies. But here are some movies that will blow your mind. If you are an entrepreneur, you will really link up to these cool concepts and have a lot of LOL moments throughout. Watching movies and growing up is different, but these movies supplement with real life takeaways for leaders, entrepreneurs and start-ups. Let’s check them out here.

1. The Intern

Well, watching Robert De Niro is always a treat. We have known him for cult movies like The Godfather II, The Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas and many others. The Intern is quite an interesting tale of a widowed person wanting to discover his retired work life. The movie depicts how De Niro's character in the movie apply for an internship program with a modern era e-commerce designer garments company. From there how he gets along with the process and the entrepreneur protagonist, played by Anne Hathaway, and end up mentoring the entrepreneur in all walks of life. It's a joy to watch Anne and De Niro in The Intern; which was released during September 2015. The key takeaways from the film are a lot, to be precise it's all about - being independent, organised, having a work life balance and believing in yourself. A must watch for the young founders, their spouses and the team.

2. Get a Job

This is a story of 4 American kids who graduated and landed up in the job hunting space. Struggling through their hobbies and passions for videography, coding iOS apps, being a badass sports coach and stockbroker, the movie revolves around the central character, played by Miles Teller, his girlfriend, father and his 3 other weird friends. A comedy with a great message about the real crude life after college, which turns out to be exact opposite of what these guys thought it to be. They do all sorts of stuff, struggle hard, had good times and at the end, they all found their way to be happily working or rather discovering their hidden talents by being entrepreneurs in life, profession and job.

Having a mere 5.3 as IMDB ratings, this is a much-underrated movie of 2016 but surely fun to watch with a lot of takeaways.

3. The Boss

Again a comedy with the Queen of comedy, Mellisa McCarthy. Set up in today’s world, The Boss is portrayed around the protagonist Mellisa McCarthy (aka Darnell in the movie) and her assistant-cum-business partner Kristen Bell (aka Claire in the movie). It’s a kind of RomCom without a male lead which will tickle you throughout. They go through a lot of ups and downs in their journey of entrepreneurship and leadership and finally what happened is a total surprise. With great music, the movie gives you a nice feeling about being confident and being very comfortable in your skin. Directed by Ben Falcon, The Boss is certainly fictional and melodramatic, but it’s a guarantee that you are going to enjoy this film.

4. Joy

Joy is all about a woman wannabe entrepreneur, played by Jennifer Lawrence. She’s divorced with 2 kids and lives with her mother and grandmother. Her parents are divorced. Growing up in the 80s, Joy is inspired by her grandmother Mimi, always wanted to be creative. Having a poor family background and very hard to handle father (played by Robert De Niro), the film is set in 1980-90s. The television shopping boom was there in the US those days. Joy makes her way through very tough times handling a whole lot of things and meets a highly paid professional with the TV shopping network played by Bradley Cooper, to introduce her new product to him, which could solve a daily problem of many households across the world. The movie is slow paced and biographical, run through 3 generations, but engages with the audience with lessons of perseverance, marketing skills, resilience, leadership skills and much more. Rather it depicts the multi-tasking ability of the women of that era. A must watch for women entrepreneurs.

5. War Dogs

A new age drama in the backdrop of America’s employment situation, the war in the Middle East and two old buddies from the neighbourhood. Released in 2016, this comedy drama gathered a 7.2 on IMDB and attracted a phenomenal cast to the likes of Miles Teller, Noah Hill, Bradley Cooper, Anna De Armas. The movie revolves around David (aka Miles Teller) and Effraim(aka Noah Hill). David is a loser massage man struggling to get his daily bread and butter, being married, he’s a worried man. He meets Effraim after a long time and gets along with him in his Arms dealing business. Post this, his life gets a complete makeover. This is not an illegal Arms dealing-gangster movie, it’s a real story created on screen by director Todd Phillips (Road Trip and The Hangover Trilogy fame). Later, how greed takes over David and Effraim and what they do with all the money they earned by supplying Arms to the American marines deputed at different war sites across the middle east. Though the movie ends with a little tragic drama, because it’s a real story, it will give you a freshness and glistening feeling afterwards.

These movies have tales untold of entrepreneurs, businesses, founders. This will make you realise where you need to draw the line, what perseverance means, how you deal with the rock bottom situation in your life. The central characters in all the pictures are shown as full of life but eventually they are being put into situations where they often succumb to the pressure, depression, however, the gist is all about how you hail from those situations and stand up again and finally succeed. Watch them with a chuckle. Good Luck.