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9 quotes for entrepreneurs from Gabriel Garcia Marquez, "the greatest Colombian who ever lived"

Quotes from Gabriel Garcia Marquez every entrepreneur can relate to.

9 quotes for entrepreneurs from Gabriel Garcia Marquez, "the greatest Colombian who ever lived"

Tuesday March 06, 2018,

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez – or Gabito, as he is fondly remembered across Latin America – has been called "the greatest Colombian who ever lived", and the title may not be too off the mark. His works, including the almost universally acclaimed One Hundred Years of Solitude, remain some of the best examples of magic realism ever written, and continue to inspire and fire the imaginations of new generations of readers.


A self-directed education led Marquez to quit law in favour of journalism, and he remains one of the most influential Spanish-language authors of the 20th century. His views on life, work, and the pursuit of dreams remain as relevant today, especially for those with an entrepreneurial mindset. When you set out on your entrepreneurship journey, it's worthwhile to remember to live in the moment, take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves, and leave memories and legacies you can be proud of.

Here are 9 quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez every entrepreneur can relate to

1) He who awaits much can expect little.

2) It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.

3) What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it.

4) If God hadn’t rested on Sunday, He would have had time to finish the world.

5) There is always something left to love.

6) No matter what, nobody can take away the dances you've already had.

7) Life is not what one lived, but what One remembers and how One remembers it in order to recount it

8) It is life, more than death, that has no limits.

9) Take advantage of it now, while you are young, and suffer all you can, because these things don't last your whole life.