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Journey To The Social Trigger

How & When ? 

Journey To The Social Trigger

Thursday January 26, 2017,

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All this started with basic advice from my mom: to start something new and different. While rummaging through the pages of my media management book, one night before the exam, I came up with an idea of doing some sought after social work. Now I had figured out the nature of my work but the platform was still to be chosen. The next day right after the exam, while talking to a friend I came across this network called YouTube, I can rightly say that that was the right time for me to start my own channel. Being a YouTuber from that day gave me an immense pleasure and this was enough for me research and put in some hard work.The world is evolving at a very fast rate so are the problems faced by the people.


The name was still to be chosen. Then suddenly while reading a book I came across a word “trigger”, somehow it got stuck in my mind and while doing some research I got to know about various meanings and dimensions of the word and it’s usage. Then the name was decided “The Social Trigger”. Now, if you look at the meaning, it is – trigger away the social problems of life.

I still remember it was May 24, 2016, the day when I uploaded my very first video as a channel trailer and, by God’s grace, till today I don’t find any reason to stop the channel and keep moving ahead in my life. Being a YouTuber the best compliment that I have ever got is when some people follow what I say in my videos and not just watch or like them. Some also leave some inspirational and motivational comments. The best thing I learned while making content is that I get to experiment with different formats in each and every new video. Unlike every experience in life, you have something good to share and something bad as well similarly I also come across criticism. Nevertheless, I continue doing my work on YouTube.

I believe that we shouldn’t get pulled down by the people who try to bring us down. Just keep doing whatever you are, take constructive criticism and learn from your mistakes but don’t welcome any other criticism regarding you and your work at all. One more thing, whenever you will do better than others, there will definitely be people who try to prevent your growth. Sometimes a single de-motivational element can ruin your ability to manage your work. So kindly, don’t think about such people and continue to do what you are doing.

It’s only because of my followers, my channel is still active and I love what I do. Every problem has a solution and I’m sure that social problems will end someday. I hope that someone will come forward to join hands with me to help bring a change in the society.

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