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We are the first travel agency in india who run by Blind girls & Acid Victims only


Monday July 04, 2016,

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About me

I am Akash Bhardwaj founded this company (KHAAS )about 3.5 years ago.Before that i worked for 13 years with so many corporate in HR & Training department Now i am planning to hire only specially challenged like Acid Victims, Blind person, Partly blind etc .


It was the Diwali of 2015, I was in market where a saw an acid attack Victim Who was selling a balloon.I came to know from her she had a small baby & her husband abandoned her. She was doing job of security guard but she lost job also. I felt very sad for her. I discussed this with my Brother cum friend " Satendar" Hence, I got an idea of hiring such under privileged in my company. So, I try to help them as they have the urge & i feel so happy that i am behind them as a support. That is the Bug which bit me deeply & badly. In March 2016 i decided to hire only Blind person & Acid Victims only for my company.

Currently 5 blind girls working on floor and i trained them for travel sector with some mobility training,They all are very needy girls and facing finical crises. Now they can do Generate the appointment with Collage/corporate for trip, they can easily make a tour package on basis of client requirement,you will surprise to know that they can do email, they can search anything on google, they can using smart phone also, yes they do little bit slow on compare to normal person but fact is they do. I will hire 5 to 10 blind girls/Acid victims in the month of August. And we will hire atleast 50 blind girls/acid victims for same. So that we give more chance to other blinds persons for prove their potential.

Our Uniqueness, I would like to tell you that my Business modal are same as the other people in market pillar of strength is my staff like specially alleged people like blind, acid victims. we believe in living people from all walks of life.In an industry like this we believe in hiring people who have pleasing personalty however we believe in doings things opposites the current form & provide an equal platform for everyone.

Thanks & Regards

Akash Bhardwaj





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