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4 Key Stages In Driving Qualified Webinar Leads

Did you know that in 2017, more than 60% of marketers are using webinars as part of their content marketing strategy - according to Content Marketing Institute?

4 Key Stages In Driving Qualified Webinar Leads

Friday March 03, 2017,

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Maybe that webinars are essential for capturing the interest of the audience and then qualifying them as leads and potential customers?


There are some other interesting facts about webinars - for example, that Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to host one - and 3 weeks prior to the webinar is the best timing for promotion.

Still, the bottom line is simple - webinars work and are widely used today. They also convert well and are a great way to showcase your knowledge to the audience and get your content viewed on a higher scale. When it comes to cost, they are quite affordable (between $100 to $3k depending on promotion and technology costs).

But how to actually start producing content and drive quality sales leads through a webinar that you create?

Firstly - Start Collecting Leads

Lead generation is the first and foremost process you should focus on. Basically, it is the most essential one as well and the one that defines each qualified lead or eventually customer during the stages. Most of the marketers use emails in order to promote their webinars - as well as social networks.

So, if your email list is pretty large, it’s definitely time to spread the word about a webinar you are hosting - ideally in 3-4 weeks and get the game rolling. And if you are short of any subscribers, you can maybe run an advertising strategy on FacQualified Webinar Leadsebook or Twitter and collect potential viewers as email subscribers.

Secondly - Start Nurturing Those Leads

Once you got the leads which are in other words interested viewers (or potential customers) it is time to start informing them about their potential buying decisions and the topic of interest. Information is key in this stage - and presenting it into a unique way is even more important. In order to do that, you should ideally:

1. Present a common customer challenge

2. Demonstrate how valuable solving that challenge is in the business world

3. Teach your attendees how your product or service can do that

This is basically what every webinar should talk about and how it should be designed. With challenge and exact information (value) in solving it, there is definitely hope that more and more viewers would be interested in your webinar.

Next - Educate Them

They say an educated buyer is a buyer worth having. And they also say that once you give value to someone and educate them, there is no reason they won’t remember you or your brand. This is exactly how this formula works and what needs to be done in order to start seeing results with your webinars.

Make sure to create webinar content that not only positions your product or service as the ‘one-and-only recipe to success’ - but also content that educates your viewers about the challenges in the industry and helps them see them from another point. As you probably know, webinars are a powerful tool in educating your customers because they give your audience an opportunity to watch, listen and ask questions.

Finally - Convince Them

As we said above, it’s the questions and customer feedback that actually matter - and make webinars an unique technique on their own. Because of the ability to answer your audience’s questions, you are getting a chance to prove your expertise in the field but also communicate with your warm leads on a different - more personal level.

Once you establish this level, convincing your leads that your product or service is an ideal for that particular challenge is very easy. Well, at least they are informed about the current situation, know the struggles and with that all the unique benefits of your products and services.

Basically, this last stage is your playground for driving ideas and communicating them to your watchers. Once you do that on a regular basis (1-3 months per webinar) - you will definitely have a solid audience to rely on and a solid customer base that buys and promotes your product.

Congratulations - you just did it! After all, driving webinar leads wasn’t so hard, right?

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