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Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair Kit Elements Role

Know the role of elements in a tubeless tyre puncture repair kit.

Almost every car or vehicle comes with tubeless tyres. Although initially it was felt that in case of a puncture or a tire break down tubeless tyres becomes difficult to repair, however, this is not the case. These days you even get a tool kit specially designed for tubeless tires making it easier for you to carry out the repairs yourself. This post will help provide an overview on the different elements present in a tubeless tyre puncture kit.

Tubeless tyre puncture repair kit consists of a number of different elements and parts such as the nozzle, cutter, tire plugging gun, mushroom plugs, probe tool, reaming tool, rubber cement etc all put together in a compact pouch with instructions written clearly on it. Let us now try and understand the role of each of these elements present in the car puncture repair kit.

Tyre Puncture Repair Kit

Mushroom plugs for sealing

Mushroom plugs are an important part of tubeless tyre puncture kit. This is so because like in case of conventional puncture, in a tubeless puncture also, they can provide a permanent solution as they have better sealing ability. The presence of rivet type of sealing not just helps in sealing the puncture track but also inside of that puncture.

Plugging gun or plugger to plug into the tyre

The plugger has a rotating screw mechanism which helps in inserting the mushroom plug into the affected tyre. Even a gun kit is used for the same purpose. However, the gun kit has a spring action which helps in inserting the mushroom plug into the tyre. But the only hitch in this is that the gun is comparatively bigger as compared to the plugger and hence easy and convenient to use.

Inflation kit to restore the air pressure

Your tubeless tire puncture kit is complete with an inflation kit. This is because, once you remove the puncture or punctures in your tubeless tire with the help of tubeless tyre puncture repair kit, you also need to re-inflate the tires so as to bring them back to their original condition. There are CO2 compact inflation kits also available these days which are easy and convenient to carry and help in refilling the tyre with requisite pressure in no time.

Laminated instructions for guidance and help

Car puncture repair kits these days operate on DIY kind of a philosophy. However, understanding that not every one of us is a tyre puncture expert, these kits come with a complete step by step procedure complete with illustrations and pictures in order to make your job easier. Such DIY assistance really comes in handy when your tire suffers from puncture at a remote location where there is no assistance possible.

One of the best, most trusted and the most reliable brand of car puncture and inflation kits which you can try is those manufactured by Grandpitstop which comes in different varieties and prices. The best part about these kits is that they can be used for almost all the different kinds of vehicles. All you have to do is to pick the one which suits your requirements perfectly.

Watch this short video clip to know how does it work:

Source: https://www.grandpitstop.com/products/gun