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6 habits to adopt this World Productivity Day

Productivity isn’t about being physically present at work, especially in a country where commuting to work and back home leads to frustration and reduction in productivity. Therefore an employee is productive only under the surveillance of a team/bosses is completely a myth, what we know it as India’s presence paradox. This World Productivity Day, we suggest habits that will help you become productive and efficient. Re-evaluate your current habits and re-work on adapting some new ones in your life. Make a resolution on World Productivity Day.

6 habits to adopt this World Productivity Day

Tuesday June 20, 2017,

3 min Read


1. Switch to better productivity and collaboration tools

Technology and innovation have changed the way people communicate, likewise the advent of modern day collaboration tools like team messenger, have changed the way people work shifting them from traditional methods to advanced adoptions. Flock and other players offer powerful features that help increase productivity and efficiency of users.

2. Avoid meetings

Certain tasks can be accomplished without actually getting into a meeting and ideas can be generated without having to meet in person. Huddling up every now and then results in wastage of productive time in coordinating. Instead, try working on a Team messenger which allows you to discuss at length and even use an opinion poll in order to arrive at a quick decision.

3. Plan for the team

If you are a manager, you would need an account of what every team member is doing at work. Going to them every now and then will not just waste your time, but will reduce efficiency of team members too. Instead use a platform such as team messenger that allows you to create a To-Do and set deadlines and share it with your team members. You can get real-time updates as and when a team member finishes their tasks.

4. Avoid the last-minute rush, set reminders

Procrastination has never worked for professional unless you are one of those creative people, where ideas come in during the ‘n’th hour. There are various tools like project management tools or reminder tools or planner tools that not only help you set realistic deadlines but also show your progress towards achieving that. A team messenger, offer a reminder bot so you don’t miss out on important timelines.

5. Take break from work

Productivity is not synonymous with working continuously like a robot, in fact people are most productive when they take small breaks that not only re-energize them but also set the tone for the work right. Taking small breaks, talking to colleagues, attending to those calls which you couldn’t connect to, sipping that refreshing coffee etc. can make you fresh and perk you up for work.

6. Integrate all tools on one platform

We’ve all been in the middle of focused work when an urgent task crops up and demands your immediate attention. In a conventional scenario, you would lose time in switching screens and loading of the app. A team messenger on the other hand keeps you logged on to all important apps that help you work. People often forget that time is money. Switching between multiple screens is the most inefficient and unproductive way to spend your day at work. Instead, have everything, including social media, Google Drive and other productive apps on a platform such as a team messenger. Help yourself by saving time and being more productive at work.

Hardwork is a passe’, celebrate World Productivity Day with more smartness.