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How Artificial Intelligence is Making Business More Productive?

Is the introduction of artificial intelligence actually been fruitful for the business firms around the world? Accenture, in one of its studies, has mentioned that artificial intelligence has the capacity of boosting up the productivity of any business by around 38% to 40%.

Over time, the world has noticed the integration of high-end technology in business operations. Growing up from the general computing systems, and software options, today business houses are looking up to the use of artificial intelligence for a better result.

Is the introduction of artificial intelligence actually been fruitful for the business firms around the world? Accenture, in one of its studies, has mentioned that artificial intelligence has the capacity of boosting up the productivity of any business by around 38% to 40%. This figure is quite a reflection that serves towards the fact of how much artificial intelligence actually can be useful for the business.

Artificial Intelligence and Customer Service: Artificial intelligence has offered an end number of possibilities for better customer service. Companies make use of chatbots so that none of its customers stay waiting for an executive to attend them. These chatbots are capable of making conversations in natural languages so that the customers can get a personalized touch while talking to a robot. 

Even artificial intelligence has found its way in offering a hand to the executives at the front desk or the customer desk. Many companies today make use of visitor management software for handling visitors and customers in a much better way. The executives do not have to keep the guests waiting for a longer time while collecting their information, thanks to the use of such software options. 

Artificial Intelligence and Data Handling: Nothing else can handle data better than the efficient technology of artificial intelligence. Whether it is handling data at the front desk or somewhere else, artificial intelligence has become one of the favorites of many companies. With the use of a proper visitor management system, the information of each visitor or guest can be recorded in the system without taking much time. The data is directly saved in the cloud and so there is no worry about the information getting lost or tampered. 

Anyone having the authority to access the system can have a check of the information fed and can make changes in them accordingly. Hence, handling visitors have become now so much easier and convenient with the help of artificial intelligence, in comparison to the manual handling that used to take place earlier. 

Artificial Intelligence and Meeting Management: In any company, meetings are an important activity where questions are raised, solutions are provided and actions are decided for further advancements. But just having discussions without documenting them can lead to confusion later on and also loss of track of many things. 

Of course, the ritual of taking minutes of the meeting is there but there are still many loopholes in the manual process. 

  • There can be human errors that can raise confusion later
  • Points may get skipped when too many people are discussing at a single point

Keeping in mind such problems that may arise in manual minutes of the meeting, the demand for options such as meeting management systems is growing high. The software is capable of doing a number of activities that can be helpful in keeping everything in track and record. Some of the important features that the software actually has are:

  • Project management, 
  • Conferencing calls,
  • Task management, 
  • Invitation management, 
  • Discussion points, 
  • Recording important topics, and many others. 

Artificial Intelligence Helping in Other Ways: Apart from handling visitors and meetings, artificial intelligence has a lot of help to offer in improving the productivity of a business. Today, many of the companies are making use of artificial intelligence in many other ways apart from just the lobby management system. Some of the many other ways how it has been helpful to the businesses are mentioned here. 

  • It is great in analyzing data and comes up with accurate forecasting of demand.
  • It is also used in predictive maintenance, which is a way of improving operational efficiency.
  • Artificial intelligence has offered personalization of products and services a new edge and hence offering customers a better result.
  • Many of the upcoming companies are introducing artificial intelligence-powered machines that will be really very helpful in increasing the manufacturing efficiency of a business.
  • There are also companies that are looking forward to having artificial intelligence integrated into their system in such a way that they can handle smoothly a process from the beginning till the end. 
  • Many companies are also introducing artificial intelligence in handling employees better as they believe that a happy employee will always lead to better productivity. 

Thus, artificial intelligence has been supporting the business houses in the best way so that these firms can look up for better productivity. 


With the rising pressure of competition, business houses are aiming at new options that can lead them to better results. Artificial Intelligence has come up as a supporting hand in this situation with its amazing features. Whether it is the management of visitors, or management of the production process or even handling of the meeting, artificial intelligence has shown its charisma in all sectors. 

Just thinking of making use of artificial intelligence again is not a thing that can help. Using the right software is needed for the purpose and piLOBI can be the best option in this. We have been offering software options that are helpful for the companies in handling visitors, meetings, and many other elements. With the feature of artificial intelligence, these software options are excellent in offering the business houses better productivity and a hand over others.