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Professional advise: Effective ways to clean your home

Professional advise: Effective ways to clean your home

Thursday June 29, 2017,

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No one really likes cleaning but having a neat and tidy home is important for everyone in the family. Your home is your place for relaxation, your sanctuary after a long day at work. Keeping it clean creates healthier, fresh atmosphere and makes the time you spend there a lot more pleasant and enjoyable.

For people with busy social lives- family, career, pets ,if you like, there is often not enough hours in a day to get all the housework done. And quite often as well, one has the feeling they are constantly cleaning their home and it is still messy and chaotic most of the time.

It is, in fact, not hard to keep your home beautiful and clean. All you have to do is make a commitment and stick to it. It is just like getting up in the morning and going to work. Make the cleaning of your home a routine, plan it and once you see the results you might even start thinking cleaning can be fun.

Now let’s get to the right strategy for cleaning a messy house. It is important- once you have a clear concept, you will be able to balance the household chores and you will see how things will start to work themselves out.

There are various ways to organize it: you can go for the so-called “zone cleaning”- dealing with one chore a day or cleaning a room each day but this seems to take a whole lot of time. You can spent 4 hours cleaning your oven, for instance and (if properly organized) you can deeply clean your entire house for the same amount of time. The method that proves to be most effective is getting the entire house cleaned once a week instead of focusing on one task every other day. If you are a busy person, you can check Turbo House Clean Kensington.


Listed below are a couple of steps you can follow if you want to efficiently clean your home for a short period of time (4 hours for beginners and 2 hours less, once you become a real professional).

Dusting -it’s a good point to start from. Use microfiber cloth and warm water (and not feather dusters which only move the dust but do not eliminate it) and dust each room starting from top to bottom. If you are dusting the shelves begin with the highest otherwise the dust will gather on the already cleaned shelves beneath. Be precise- undusted areas are quite visible. Don’t forget to move the items while dusting and not just dust around them. Pay attention to hanging pictures, mirrors and glass- a damp microfiber cloth works brilliantly on these surfaces, leaves no marks or spots behind and you get rid of fingerprints.

Kitchen and bathrooms- Your kitchen is the hub of your home and it deserves a special treatment. It is recommended to clean it deeply every once in a while but for regular weekly cleaning make sure you degrease the worktops and the kitchen appliances, scrub the sink and clean inside and outside of the cabinets.

Bathrooms are one of the most important area in your home and it’s good to provide a thorough, detailed cleaning. Invest more time and energy there, pay attention to the details- this what will make your baths look immaculate. Details make a real difference.

Now, some tips for quick and effective cleaning: try to stay focused on what you are doing and eliminate distractions. Don’t stop for a coffee break or to check emails, or to talk on the phone. This will only make the cleaning longer.

Invest in good quality cleaning tools- microfiber clothes, gloves, brushes and mops, cleansers, etc.,- and the job will be done efficiently, in a flash.

Clean in a particular order- start in one room and only move to the next when you finish. It will otherwise take too long if you circle around the same room more than once.

And last but not least, play your favourite music while cleaning, whistle or sing- this is the best way to chase away the boredom and have fun while working.

Follow these easy steps and you will not feel overwhelmed with household chores. Once the cleaning of your home becomes a routine you will find it so much easier to keep things under control. And another plus- keeping your home clean on daily basis will give you more free time to spend the way you like.