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Build WebApps With AngularJS : Beginner’s Guide

Build WebApps With AngularJS : Beginner’s Guide

Wednesday November 14, 2018,

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With Angular JS, it is very important to know well the beginner’s guide for building the web apps. You have generally been heard of the term Backbone.js and Ember.js if you are a professional JavaSript developer. Backbone.js is mainly a JavaScript library with the possession of a RESTful JSON interface whereas Ember.js is particularly an open-source JavaScript framework. One will preferably miss various important features if they are not familiar with the term known as AngularJS yet. These features will probably help in the overall enhancement of your HTML for the web applications. You will find a superheroic taste of the MVW framework of JavaScript or AngularJS with the help of it. So, it is very important to know the overall process of getting started and also to consider its stand-out features. This will help you to choose properly the AngularJS for your upcoming projects. It doesn’t have any such role in developing maintainable as well as well-architectured rich web applications.

What Is AngularJS?


Mainly, AngularJS is an open source web application framework, and also it is built by Google. These are mainly designed for the web developers for making both the testing as well as front-end development easier. To elongate the web applications with the general capability of Model-view-controller (MVC) is mainly considered as the major goal of AngularJS. So, mainly it is a fully extensible client-side JavaScript MVVM or MVC framework. It works great with many other libraries, and so it runs without any library dependencies. Sometimes, it is very important to hire angularjs developer. For fitting your specific needs, you can easily replace its each and every feature and also modify it.

It was Miško Heverym and Adam Abrons (Google engineers of that time) who were mainly involved in developing AngularJS in the year 2009. It is also mentioned on its official website that basically it is a structural framework for the dynamics of web apps. So, it is best fitted for the effective creation of the one-page web applications that mainly require HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the client side.

It plays a great role in letting you expanding the syntax of HTML and additionally, it also allows you to make the proper use of HTML as your template language. This helps to express the major components of web application both concisely as well as neatly. AngularJS generally makes it very easy to test and also helps you to structure your JavaScript code and that too in a better way.

How To Use AngularJS?

How To Use AngularJS?
How To Use AngularJS?

It is quite an easy way to get started with AngularJS. Generally, by putting a few attributes to your HTML scripts, you will only require five minutes to have a simple Angular app. An angular development company can easily make the proper usage of the AngularJS. There are several steps which include:

  • First of all, you need to include the “ng-app” directive and that too in the <html> tag. It will probably help to define the page properly as an Angular application and helps to make the AngularJS run effectively on the page.
  • Then, at the page bottom, you should place Angular <script> tag where the <head> tag ends.
  • After that, it is very important to add regular HTML. The attributes of HTML are mainly used to access the directives of AngularJS. Whereas, the double bracket notation is very useful for the proper evaluation of expressions.

The namespace here is usually defined by the directive ng-controller, and so, for controlling your data, you can easily place your Angular JS. It is also very effective to evaluate the expressions in your HTML. An Angular repeater object is mainly the ng-repeat directive. So, as long as you have all the important tasks to display, the list elements are asked to be created by Angular.

AngularJS is generally considered as a next generation framework as most of the existing frameworks in the recent days are just a bundle of the present tools. There are some very important features which are much more helpful for the developers. These are also equally helpful for the designers.

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