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The ultimate guide to dresses

Friday June 30, 2017,

3 min Read

A woman can be anything she wants in a dress. She can be a picture of elegance, or a force to be reckoned with. When in a dress, she looks alluring and she is super confident!

Dresses for women - It’s an art only a few have mastered in India. But of late, it’s becoming mainstream western wear; rather fashionable, and even a comfortable choice to many. There are various types of dresses that fit different occasions. What can you wear? And where can you wear it? And how should you wear it? We have answers to all these questions. But before delving into the same, there are a few things to remember while buying a dress. Let’s begin with that.

‘Fitting’ is the most sacred word in the dress dictionary. The different women’s dresses look different on different body types. It’s not that women must wear dresses that suit their body type, but it’s essential to get it fitted to their size and shape. But of course, there are a few dresses that can truly complement each body type.

Secondly, season & weather are important. Yes, the weather! For e.g. Summer dresses are light and breathable, but casual knit dresses for women are a practical choice for winter. So, don’t get that mixed up! Last but not least, buy dresses of good quality even if buying just one. Otherwise, they can be flimsy and tear at any moment. Getting back to the types of dresses, here they are:

1. A - Lines

It’s comfortable and it can be worn on a number of occasions. It is as implied; an A-shape - A triangular silhouette, fitting perfectly up to the waist and widening out from the bust/waist to the hem. It can be worn long or short, based on the mood of the occasion. Maybe work your A-line with a pair of matching gladiator sandals! Try the A-line dresses for women by Team Spirit and RIO from Reliance Trends!

2. Sheath

Talk about figure-hugging! Sheath dresses are one piece garments designed to be super-fitting from chest to hemline. They are not long, and usually, stop at the knees or the lower thighs. Pear-shaped women look fabulous in a Sheath dress. It’s a great office look with blazers and heels, and it effortlessly becomes cocktail-event friendly with strappy sandals and a nice necklace. Sheath dresses for women online! Buy now Reliance Trends!

3. Fit & Flare

Like A-line dresses, Fit & Flare dress for women are just as they seem. They are fitting up to the waist/bust, but they really flare out below. This is classic western wear from the 1950s, but they still make for an amazing addition to the wardrobe. They look great with a pair of ballet flats!

4. Tunics

Tunics are a loose fit from the shoulders to the hemline. They pair well with gladiator sandals as well! Check out the FIG collection by Reliance Trends!


Shift dresses are usually short, sleeveless and they hang from the shoulders. They are mostly worn with a pair of stockings and are suitable for all body types. Boots make amazing companions to Shift dresses.


Bodycon dresses are just the opposite of Shift dresses, and are short for the ‘body conscious’. They are figure hugging and are mostly made of knitted fabrics or lycra. Reliance Trends has a great collection of Bodycon dresses for women by DNMX & RIO!

Now that the types of dresses have been demystified, online shopping becomes super easy! Check out Reliance Trends for all your fashion needs!