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Excalibur Tact Zone Illuminated scope 2 5 6x32mm review

If you are looking a spotting scope. Excalibur Tact Zone Illuminated best option for you.

Tuesday June 13, 2017,

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There are not so many ideal scopes you can come across that can replenish the need for high performance. Excalibur Tact Zone Illuminated Scope 2 5 6x32mm is saturated with an advanced version of reticle design, which is red/green rheostat illumination and a 30mm long tube. The lens has a variety of coating to enhance vision clarity.

This Tack-zone scope is design to be easily adjusted, with an allowance of between 275 fps and 410 fps. It can also be easily adjusted by a half inch click to see clearly at a 20 yards distance. This tactical scope is the best hunting optic one can find in the market. If you want to read more review the go here best spotting scope under 200

Dimension of the Scope:

It is a very light scope, weighting less than a pound and the length of the scope is 13” with a compact geometry. Mounting it on a cross bow is as easy as ABC.

The optic of the objective lens is 32mm in diameter, fixed in a tube of 30mm diameter. You need to buy the ring in order to fix it because it does not come with that as part of its accessories.

Magnification of Excalibur Tac zone:

It comes with a magnification of 2.5X to 6X, thus making it possible to bracket your target image at low zoom. The diopter gives you a high resolution image and the clarity is simply awesome.

Quality of the Optics:

The optics of Excalibur is fully multi-coated, for an outstanding precision in any conditions. The nitrogen charge barrel prevents fogging, which is a common problem in cold or rainy season. Rain water does not stay on the optics as it all floats away. It allows you to quickly adjust the focus, towards a moving or stationary target.


It has a lightening function so you can actually lighten the reticle. It is also quite adjustable, as all you have to do is play the number on dial and you will find 5 levels for illumination. In addition, it comes with a compensation marker.

Scope’s light collecting proficiency:

This tactical scope is upgraded and modified to a low light condition, with efficient light collecting characteristics. You can get refine details of the target in a shady tree on a cloudy day. The reticle greatly compensates and the image looks just as visible on a full moon night.

Width of the Field view:

Excalibur does not disclose the field of view but the estimated view field is 45 feet at 2.5X and 20 feet at 6X magnification. Such a vast field of view allows you to shoot even a moving target.

Mounting the scope on the cross bow:

It’s very easy to adjust the scope on the top of your bow but make sure it is level. Vertical adjustment is also possible while mounted on the bow, to achieve much more accuracy at the target.

Durability of the scope:

The composition of Excalibur consists of aircraft grade aluminum and covered the crucial components to guarantee maximum durability of the product. It is quite resistant to scratches and its accuracy does not fade away with time.


There are different features we normally look out for in scopes, ranging from visual clarity to high magnification, light weight and all those. It is difficult to find a scope that offers all these in one package, but the Excalibur Tact Zone Illuminated Scope 2 5 6x32mm has just proven that there are those few already setting the trend in this regard.

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