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Convert OLM to PST Using OLM Converter

In this article, we will get to know about the free and manual solution to convert OLM to PST format, making easy to upload Outlook for Mac data files (.olm) to Outlook for Windows PST supported PST format. The benefits of reading this informative is to inform the users about the manual solution to migrate OLM to PST as well an OLM Converter utility that provides a quick and easy solution to use Outlook emails on different platform.

Monday June 26, 2017,

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Emails have become, the most important part of our life as with the help of it, we can communicate with any part of the world, beyond the limits of the boundaries created by the humans. Emails are also the fastest way to send your message along with attachments from one place to another or one system to another. To provide better email service, there are lots of email clients present in the market and Outlook is one of them who is leading on the top of the list. Microsoft Outlook is one of the best email application due to its ribbon interface, advanced features, synchronization with most popular Office applications, as well easy accessibility and a vast range of integration with other services. The Microsoft launches Outlook for various platforms including Windows and Apple Mac also. The main difference for both Outlook editions is that data files are stored in PST (Personal Storage Table) in Outlook for Windows, while for Mac, Outlook data is extracted in an archived OLM file. We can import/export mailbox data of Outlook for Mac in OLM format. While the problem raised when you can not import an OLM file in any version of the Outlook for Windows, and hence it gives the need to convert OLM to PST as only PST file can be Import/export in it.

Need to Convert OLM file to PST Format

Before I start discussing how to import OLM to PST, I here try to explain the need of the conversion by taking some cases.

1. You are using Outlook for Mac and have a large number of emails in your mailbox, then suddenly you are asked to use Windows system, then you need to migrate your OLM file to PST format.

2. Or it may be possible that your friend needs to share his emails and he has it in an OLM file and you are a Windows OS user then you need to convert this OLM file to PST to view and import to Outlook in Windows.

Solutions Available to Export OLM to PST

There are manual as well Advanced methods available but before using any paid tool like RecoveryTools OLM Converter, first, try to use this easy and Manual by creating IMAP account setup procedure.

1. Setup an IMAP Account, you can use any of the email clients but Gmail is recommended to do so.

2. Once when you create an Account, search for the IMAP settings and fill the required details.

3. Now using IMAP account, move your Outlook for MAC items to Gmail or iCloud storage.

4. Now, login to your account on Windows system.

5. Drag and drop all the emails from iCloud or Gmail to Microsoft Outlook for Windows.

But there are also some drawbacks using this method

A. Time-consuming and boring when you have a huge amount of items in the mailbox.

B. Risk of loss of data during drag and drop

C. Need to high technical knowledge to perform the conversion.

D. Not effective for corrupted OLM files

Due to these limitations, it is always recommended you to use advanced solution to prevent the data loss. You can use a third party utility, that can export OLM files easily and effectively. One such utility is RecoveryTools OLM Converter, that can convert the bulk of OLM to PST format within few seconds. It provides multiple languages to convert Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows including Dutch, Spanish, German and French as well. Some eminent feature of this OLM Converter are listed here:

i) Batch convert multiple Outlook for Mac files to Outlook Windows.

ii) Maintains folder structure and preserves the integrity of data during conversion

iii) Creates UNICODE PST file, supported for all latest Outlook versions including Office 365 and MS Exchange Server also.

iv) No risk of data failure assured conversion of Outlook to Outlook.

v) Easy to use and simple interface, no need of technical knowledge to use the tool.

Conclusion: When an Outlook user working on Mac machine is asked to migrate to Windows then to access his Outlook mailbox there is a need to convert Outlook for Mac exported OLM file to PST format, as Outlook Windows supports only PST files for Import/Export function. You can use the manual procedure or third party utilities like RecoveryTools OLM Converter to export OLM files to PST. This utility is free to use and It allows you to convert first 25 items from each folder without any cost. To complete convert your OLM mailbox, you can also buy different license according to your desire. Download this tool from the source link given below.

Source  http://recoverytools.com/olm/migrator/