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    How to Hire Android App Developer: 15 Qualities to Look Forward in 2019 (and beyond)

    By Piyush Golani|22nd Apr 2019
    In this article, you’ll get a checklist about the top 15 qualities one must look for before hiring an Android app developer.
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    In this day and age, mobile apps have dominated most of our lives. Mobile apps are helping business to expand their outreach to customers by helping them to stay connected with them all the time.

    Building a mobile app for two of the most popular platforms iOS and Android can help you uplift your business to the next level. Today, Android is widely used by more users across the world than iOS. To build a great Android app, one must consider a few things before he/she hire Android app developer.

    A question always impedes a lot of people’s mind whether to hire Android app developer from a reputed company or hire a freelancer.


    The simple answer could be that it depends. If your project is big and complex, then it is always recommended to go with agile software development companies to develop stunning, reliable, and scalable Android mobile application.


    Source: https://www.credencys.com/hire-android-app-developer/

    Top 15 Qualities to Check before you Hire Android App Developer:

    Below is the list of top 15 qualities to look in an Android app developer before hiring.

    This simple quality check will help you to identify whether or not the developer you’ve hired is worth it. Use this as a checklist to hire Android app developer and uplift your business by delivering a great digital experience to customers.

    #1 Calm yet Zealous

    Android app development can become very complicated at times. At that time, it is very crucial for a developer to maintain his/her calm and keep on trying until the goal is not achieved. Hire Android app developer who has a great passion for working and who can do a specific iteration multiple times until it is perfected. 

    #2 Confident and Bold

    A developer must not doubt himself regarding work he/she is about to do. Developers must always be confident of their work and experience they have. Do not hire Android app developer who doubts his/her knowledge and performance in their field.

    #3 Hearer and Doer

    Listening is one of the most required to hire any developer regardless of the discipline. A person who does not listen cannot perform the required tasks efficiently or in some cases cannot perform at all. Hire developers who listen to your requirement carefully and understands them well. Hire Android app developer who not only listens to your requirements but also knows how to execute them.

    #4 Manager and Planner

    Hire developer who is not only aware of design and development but also worries about the timely delivery. A developer who also acts as a manager or has a sense of project ownership.

    #5 Honest

    According to a popular saying, honesty is the best policy but, in some cases, developers are not entirely honest with the clients. Honesty and trustworthiness are one of the reasons why you should opt for android app development company rather than a freelancer. They work alone and do not have any measure for credibility like development firms. Hire Android app developer who is entirely honest with you and that you can trust him/her blindly.

    #6 Good Communication

    Good communication is one of the most responsible parameters for an Android app development project to succeed. Hire Android app developer who is soft-spoken, has excellent communication skills and treats your project as if his/her own.

    #7 Teamwork

    For an Android app development project to succeed, teamwork is a vital element for it. Even though, a developer is honest has excellent communication skills but, if he/she is not good with people and working in teams, the project can crumble anytime.

    #8 Follows Agile Frameworks

    Agile Frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, and Lean have been proven the most effective methods for software development for a majority of the projects. If a company or android app developer follow agile practices then the chances of project success and on-time delivery increases.

    #9 Transparency

    Hire Android app developer who always keeps you posted about the project status by utilizing agile project management tools such as AgileFirst, Wrike, Jira, etc.

    #10 Creativity

    Even if you’re lucky enough to hire highly knowledgeable developers, however, if they cannot think outside the box, their knowledge won’t last long. Today’s app development market require developers who are both logical and creative.

    #11 Strong Portfolio

    It is always better to hire Android app developer who has already built an app similar to the one that you propose or better than that. The portfolio is the best way to identify the capabilities of a developer. It tells you about their commitment and experience.

    #12 Positive Track Record

    It is always better to hire a company or developer who has received excellent reviews or testimonials from past clients on a trusted website like Clutch, good firms, etc. Higher the amount of positive reviews, higher is the trustworthiness of a company.

    #13 Technical Expertise

    Always interview the developer before hiring one for your project. Interviewing developer will help you get an idea about the developer’s technical knowledge and expertise. A developer must know all the programming languages that are necessary for developing your software project.

    #14 Meet your demands

    After successful development deployment of your app if a user does not like the app experience, then it will bring adverse effect on your business and to your company. It is recommended to go with the software development company who focuses more on identifying and understanding user personas in the discovery workshop before starting the actual development.

    #15 Post-Launch Support

    Hire Android app developer who promises to provide support for your application post-launch. There are a few examples of Android apps getting rejected by Google Play Store as it does not fulfill its criteria. An app can face n-number of issues after launch so, it is critical for an app development company to provide support until the success of the app.

    #16 Visual Aesthetics

    An Android developer must be able to visualize the app design and layout which suits perfectly to your brand. The development becomes easier and faster if the developers get to know your brand as you do. Things can easily go haywire if the development is done based on tasks and not goals. You’ll have to make sure that the developers get the bigger picture of your requirements along with the reasons why you need what you need?

    #17 Quality Centric

    Hire Android developer who not only focuses on creativity but also focuses on the quality of your product. You can determine quality by examining the app loading time, performance, usage, security, interactivity, and user experience. Always ensure whether or not a developer performs testing and re-testing of an Android app before releasing it on the Play Store.  

    #18 Awareness

    Awareness of the latest Android app development trends is a crucial aspect to consider. There is no point in spending money on the out-dated features and prospects of an Android app. An Android app developer must be aware of various industry-specific trends. Along with trends, it is also expected from a developer that he/she knows what type of trend will be more impactful for your target audience and attract them to your product.

    #19 Versatility

    Once you’ve checked the technical literacy in a developer you must also see if he/she has developed a diverse range of Android apps or not. Every app has different functionality and scenarios. It is not necessary that an experienced developer would know more scenarios in an Android app than the one with less experience. Knowing that a developer has developed more functionalities than expected will help you to achieve your business requirements faster.

    #20 Adaptability

    Hire Android developer who is highly adaptable and responsive to change in requirements. App development is complex. Even though you’ve planned everything in advance and identified the smallest requirements, there are still good chances that you might have to make changes in the application regardless of the reason.


    Now that you have all the parameters to check before you hire Android app developer for your next software development project, it is recommended for you to always keep these points handy and create a checklist before interviewing the company or developers.

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