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How to be Impactful in Conducting Online Classes? | Post COVID19 Situation

Here's what you must practice engaging your students in the online class!

How to be Impactful in Conducting Online Classes? | Post COVID19 Situation

Wednesday May 06, 2020,

3 min Read

Amidst COVID19 outbreak, all the leaders have accepted one thing, which involves carrying on the zeal to live and work among precautions. 

With an inevitable lockdown period at our disposal, we all are left with user-friendly learning management softwares (LMS) and online sessions to teach. 

Yes, COVID-19 has skyrocketed the demand for online teaching as it has become the most suitable means of learning and teaching. 

Be it for a pre-nursery toddler, a school student (1st standard to 12th standard), college-goers, competitive exam aspirant, and anyone else you can think of, the educators and tutors are finding new alternatives to conduct active online classes for them. 

You are doing the same; that's why you're here to read and learn about how you can be impactful in conducting online classes. Right? 

Well, I will serve you with a brief overview of how to conduct online classes that may leave an impact on the attendees. 

Let's begin! 

Planning it first is the key! 

Just like your offline classes or seminar, online classes need to be interactive and engaging for the attendee. 

You should be aware that most attendees are going to be attending your class/session while sitting on their couch or bed. You ought to deliver an engaging session so that they can be attentive to your class or lecture. 

To do so, you need to plan your classes. 

Giving each online session a compelling and logical order will help you in binding the viewers with your lectures. 

Pro Tip: Rather than sharing all the knowledge in one class, chunk your lessons into smaller parts (maybe topic wise). Trust me; they're going to LOVE it. 

Make 'Active' Learning your thing.

Long lectures are always dull, and when it comes to online classes, you would be losing the interests of students if you constantly just speak about the topic.

Unlike a traditional class meeting, online classes don't offer you the luxury of killing time by filling up long lectures. If you're serious about making an impact through your lecture, then you need to focus on active learning. 

What is 'Active' learning? 

When you take online sessions that include a mix of audio clips, your visuals, explanatory/informative videos, spurts of discussions or collaborations, that's when an online class becomes 'ACTIVE.' 

There are numerous modern elearning tools available that can be leveraged for the same. 

Pro Tip: While you design your lectures, make sure that you have ample white space (that will help you highlight the content/text of the slide). Break up the text with pictures so that the students can grasp an example quickly. Not to forget, always be playful with colors. 

Quick Tips for teaching online courses

  • Prepare yourself before the actual online class. It's beneficial to rehearse offline before your class.
  • Check for all the essential tools and services around you, such as active internet, laptop, camera, etc. before every session.
  • Be ready with the tasks/assignments that you need to share after your online class, like a list of questions related to the topic.

I hope you did find the answer to your question of how to make your online classes interactive? 

How did you like this blog? Please let me know in the comment section!

All the best for your online class! Your students are surely gonna love it! 

Be safe.