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Top 10 ReactJS Development Companies | Updated List 2020

By KUMAR ADARSH|18th Jul 2019
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ReactJS Development Companies

With the need for technology, JavaScript frameworks are developing at a faster rate. Presently, the market is up with updated versions of AngularJS, Vue.js & ReactJS. Among all, ReactJS development is the hottest topic among the software development industries today.

React is an open-source JavaScript library created by Facebook in 2013 for building user interfaces. The framework is great for building modern single-page applications of any size and scale. By using ReactJS for web development, a developer can easily manage the content and data of a website.

Statistics reveal that React is currently used in more than 45% of websites on the Internet. Some of the major brands like Netflix, Facebook, Instagram etc. are powered by ReactJS.

In this post, we are listing down the benefits of the ReactJS framework with the list of top 10 ReactJS development companies in 2019.

Benefits of Using ReactJS:

  • ReactJS has a simple design, uses JSX (an HTML-like syntax) for templating & is easy to learn.
  • ReactJS is extremely fast, the reason being its Virtual DOM implementation and various rendering optimizations.
  •  It offers great support for server-side rendering and thus appears as the most powerful framework for content-focused applications.
  • With features like`create-react-app` application generator, it has a First-class Progressive Web App (PWA) support.
  • Here, the data-binding is done one-way, so there are fewer unwanted side effects.
  • Reactjs implements Functional Programming (FP) concepts that are easy-to-test and highly reusable codes.
  • Applications can be made type-safe with either Microsoft’s TypeScript or Facebook’s Flow, with both featuring native support for JSX.
  • ReactJS makes the migrating between versions very easy.
  • ·Skills learned in React can be applied to React Native development.

Top ReactJS Development Companies in 2019

Below, we have listed top reactjs development companies that are experts in developing user interfaces with ReactJS

1. QSS Technosoft

ReactJS Development Company

Source: QSS Technosoft

QSS Technosoft is a renowned ReactJS development company in the USA that has a vast experience in creating several web apps addressing different needs of clients across the world. With 100+ proficient developers, the company has delivered complex web projects for sectors like games, logistics, IT & healthcare etc., using advanced frameworks like Node.js, AngularJS & ReactJS.

Services provided by QSS include Complex Web & Mobile App Development using advanced technologies of React Native, Xamarin, Chatbot, AngularJS, ReactJS & Node.js for sectors like Healthcare, Sports, Logistics, GIS and more.

2. CronJ


Source: CronJ

Cron J is the most reliable ReactJS Development Company based in the United States. The company offers the best platform for ReactJS Web and App development services in New York, California, Canada, UK, Germany and worldwide. With an advanced and dedicated team for ReactJS software development, we follow a productive approach for developing a web application. The company has worked with diversified industries like Education, Business, Entertainment, Fitness, and Sports etc.

3. Promatics Technologies

Promatics Technologies

Source: Promatics Technologies

Promatics is committed to delivering services that are tailored to cater to the needs of an ever-evolving digital landscape. The company designs, develops and delivers web and mobile applications taking in view today’s business capability, reduced customer acquisition lead times and accelerated top-line growth so to always remain ahead of the competition. The company follows a trend of using the latest approaches like AngularJS, ReactJS & React Native.

4. Digi Futura


Source: DigiFutura

Digifutura understands the high demand of ReactJS in the software development industry today and thus offers a wide variety of web development services integrated with the latest technologies like ReactJS, React Native, AngularJS & Node.js. The company has the best ReactJS developers who have the expertise to transform a complex requirement into reality by building beautiful UIs reflecting the philosophy of your business. The company offers varied services in Ui & Ux Design, Web Development, Mobile Development, Product Development, Enterprise Applications & Custom Software Development.

5. Konstant Infosolutions


Konstant Infosolutions

Source: Konstant Infosolutions

Looking for the best ReactJS developer to avail the best value for your project? Konstant info solutions may end your search! The company is known as a seasoned ReactJS development company that offers you the most valuable results by allowing you highly customized and purpose-focused development options. The company working methodology includes streamlined processes, and agile practices to deliver results in a highly cost-effective manner.

6. Bacancy Technology

Bacancy Technology

Source: Bacancy Technology

Bacancy Technology is a top name in building ReactJS apps for its large client base. While integrating the skills of seasoned ReactJS developers in the team, the company delivers top-of-the-line ReactJS development services to its clients in various domains. The company has incorporated all the versions of ReactJS from 0.3.0 to 16.6.3 as their mainstream front-end technology. Bacancy Technology has great skill-set developers who are proficient to build interactive, intuitive and incredible UI for an eCommerce store, SaaS software, web dashboard, games and more.

7. Cabot Solutions


Cabot Solutions

Source: Cabot Solutions

Cabot has emerged as one of the best ReactJS development companies located in India. The company offers flexible and resilient business-specific ReactJS solutions as per clients’ requirements irrespective of their business size and domain.

8. Cubet Technolabs


Cubet Technolabs

Source: Cubet Technolabs

Cubet technolabs is a top-notch company that leverage the power of reusable, stable and rich components of ReactJS to build highly scalable apps for its clients based in & across the USA.

9. Techtic Solutions


Techtic Solutions

Source: Techtic Solutions

Techtic Solutions is a web and mobile app development company in the USA and is known for delivering innovative solutions for any complex problem. With our 250 mobile apps developed & submitted in the app store & having delivered more than 3000 websites in the last 9 years, the company feels proud mentioning its large base of clients from across the globe.

The company has successfully delivered projects for WideLinked, WeeFlicks, My Baby Qs. You can hire it for ReactJS web & mobile development, eCommerce apps development, CMS development, and more software development services.

10. Zymr


Source: Zymr

Zymr is a Silicon Valley company situated in the United States. The company offers cloud computing solutions to global technology companies. With expertise in Business services, Consumer Products, Financial & Payments, Healthcare & Retail, Zymr is proud to mention its highly proficient developers specialize in a wide range of solutions including cloud applications, cloud mobility, cloud orchestration, cloud infrastructure, and cloud security. Till now, the company has successfully delivered ReactJS projects for companies Unified Datacenter Management Solution, Healthcare Service Orchestration, Social Network for Sports Enthusiasts.


We hope you enjoyed reading about these top 10 companies offering web application development services across the globe. The companies develop custom-tailored apps that help businesses easily connect with the customers offering a more intimate, reliable, and trustworthy relationship. The listed web app development companies have vast experience and expertise in offering innovative web solutions using the ReactJS framework.

So, don’t just look around and get a high-end solution by the professional firms who are having vast experience in developing apps smoother.

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