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Microsoft Excel: [SOLVED] Excel File Slow To Respond Issue

Here in this article check out how to fix MS Excel slow to respond error and start working with ease.

We all know how useful Microsoft Excel is. So, useful that it is highly susceptible to start throwing errors and issues. The Excel spreadsheet are tends to get slow, and this is what you can’t help but notice.

This is very irritating as it takes longer to open and save the files, takes longer to calculate the formulas, longer for the screen to refresh after entering data, sorting and formatting the cells.

Slow Excel is a random issue faced by the users and there are many reasons responsible for Excel slow to respond, hangs, freeze issue.

So, here in this article check out how to fix MS Excel slow to respond error and start working with ease. But first check out the common reasons that makes the Excel extremely slows.

Why is My Excel Slow to Respond?

Well, there are many reasons that make your Excel file slow to respond. Here check out some of the common one that makes the Excel file slow.

·        Due to old graphics hardware

·        Also due to storing plenty of data in single Excel files

·        Using volatile formulas

·        Sometimes updating the Excel file also makes it slow to respond

·        Outdated office program may also make the Excel file slow

Well, these are some of the common reasons that makes the Excel file slow to respond. Here learn how to fix Excel file slow to respond issue.

How to Fix Excel Slow to Respond Issue?

Try the given solutions one by one to fix the Excel slow to respond issue.

Solution 1: Start Excel in Safe Mode

To fix the Excel slow to respond issue start Excel file in safe mode. To do so follow the steps given in the article:

  • Close Excel completely > hit Windows + R > then in the Run dialog box type excel –safe > press Enter
  • When Excel opens with the above steps, then it may happen any plug-in or other software is installed that hinder with the software.
  • Try disabling the plug-in > uninstall the software related to the programs. But if in case you are still facing any issue that start Excel in safe mode and try further steps.
  • Select File > Options > Add-ins > now choose Excel Add-ins in the Manage drop-down menu > select GO

However if any items are checked > uncheck them > select OK, this disables Add-ins causing the issue.

Lastly close Excel and launch normally.

Hope Excel file launches without any issue but if in case not try disabling the “COM Add-ins”, “Actions” and “XML Expansion Packs”. Hope doing this fixes the Excel file slow to respond.

Solution 2: Disable Hardware Acceleration

If the Excel file is still running slow then disable the hardware acceleration for Excel. Hope this may works for you.

Follow the steps given:

  • Open Excel program > click on file
  •  And go to Advanced tab
  •  Then under the Display section > uncheck the box for ‘Disable hardware graphics acceleration’.
  • Click OK

Hope doing this will fix Excel slow to respond issue but if in case not then try another solutions.

Solution 3: Remove Unwanted Formulas

This is another common reason responsible for Excel running slow, leaving plenty of unused formulas like sumifs, countifs, and vlookups around long can served their purpose.

So, try converting them to static values and prevent your Excel file from running slow.

Hope after doing the given tricks helps you to fix the Excel slow to respond issue. But if not then make sue of the MS Excel Repair Tool, this is an advanced repair tool to repair corrupt Excel file, and errors in Excel file. With this you can easily restore all corrupt excel file including the charts, worksheet properties cell comments, and other important data.


So, this is all about the Excel slow to respond issue, follow the given steps to optimize the Excel performance.

Try the given fixes carefully to prevent further issues.


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