On-demand Business Startup Ideas for Entrepreneurs in Post COVID-19 world

Though COVID-19 has halted the industries and businesses, things are starting to resume after the lock-down period. The best business idea in the post COVID-19 world will be the on-demand apps. Here's a list of industries that will grow more than ever post COVID-19.

On-demand Business Startup Ideas for Entrepreneurs in Post COVID-19 world

Tuesday June 16, 2020,

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Though COVID-19 has halted the industries and businesses, things are starting to resume after the lockdown period. The best business idea in the post COVID-19 world will be the on-demand apps. The on-demand revolution has impacted almost every industry and it has become quite a norm for every service industry to have at least a division that deals with customers who expect a particular service on-demand.

However saturated the industry might seem, it cannot be denied that there is quite a large room for a lot of new players do not just survive but even compete in the vast landscape of the service industry. It might even come as a surprise that there are a lot of pockets within recognized verticals that still wait for disruption in the on-demand realm.

The supporting stats

For any business-oriented person, statistics that involve money speak the loudest and the clearest! Given below are a few astounding statistics that will coax anyone into investing and adventuring into the on-demand business realm.

Even if segmented by industry, every industry attracts the attention of over 224 million users every year in the on-demand segment.
The on-demand video industry was expected to breach the $30 billion mark in revenue in 2019. With the coronavirus onset and the increased subscription for Netflix and Amazon prime video, the number can only be expected to exorbitantly grow in 2020 to 2021. 
In the United States alone, the on-demand food delivery business is expected to reach the $22 billion mark in turn over by the end of 2020.

With so much of demand in place, it is only natural and not just that, but even a perfect time that aspiring entrepreneurs want to capture this profitable moment to create their own on-demand business. However, as stated earlier, it is important to tap into the right industries and the right field of business.

We have compiled below, a list of industries that still await the on-demand.

Learning solutions

Science and technology have literally revolutionized the idea of learning and education. No longer is the experience of learning confined to classrooms and black boots. It has transcended into YouTube videos and interactive learning sessions through web-based media.

In addition to making the learning more accessible, it has also made the system of education more democratic – it does not mean that you need to have fancy degrees from a reputed institute, but only the training and experience it takes to become a master in your field. The On-demand realm of business opens up a new avenue for exploring your talent as an expert in your field by providing training services for people interested in your domain.

There are different and explore avenues of training including but not limited to foreign languages, skills for kids, and even new-age talents like blockchain development, app development, content creation, and digital marketing. There are also certain auxiliary skills like graphic design and video creation that will stand the test of time.


If there is one industry that is driven more by credentials and experience more than qualifications, it is the industry of beauty services. It might, however, help that you have a qualification from a reputed beauty institute or at least, a third-party education services provider. This is one of the reasons why talented home-based beauticians can make a great business out of an on-demand beauty solution.

Some of the simplest and yet most effective ideas in the beauty industry include makeup services, manicure and pedicure services, massages, hair and beauty salon services at home, and even some of the most intricate services like eyebrow defining, tattoo services, and pigmentation controls.

The best part is that you can start small and grow with time. The beauty industry is not capital intensive and has the capacity to grow without pumping in a lot of money for advertising.


The first and foremost industry to be disrupted is, without question, the food industry. However, you might claim that there are big players like UberEats and GrubHub. Well… Instead of looking at the delivery market at large, you can look at specific niches fight within the food market.

Some of the options include vegetarian food, vegan food, diabetic-friendly meals, and salads. You can even specialize in food for children where you to take care of all the specific nutritional requirements. If you are someone from a different country who resides in the United States, you could possibly consider providing your local crowd with an authentic flavor of your cuisines like Arabic, Japanese, Indian, and Peruvian food. On the utilitarian front, you can even provide home-cooked meals based on subscription models. You can also startup on-demand delivery app for your local area and try out reaching the rural areas.

Food has seized to be just a basic human requirement and has transcended into the realm of being fanciful. Given this attribute, you can sell decorated cakes, frozen food, and even conduct classes on gourmet cooking.


Art might not be as important as food but it is getting precedence and importance with every passing day, as it is one of the biggest channels of distressing, especially during a time of crisis, quarantining, and lockdowns. Given the fact that there is growing importance in the insistence of recycling and sustainability, there is quite a lot you can do on the on-demand segment with respect to art.

Recycled products are becoming a fad, and it would be a great idea to create recycled products like candlesticks, notebooks made out of recycled paper and shells made out of food boxes. In the era of digital personalization, physical personalization still holds its relevance. Therefore, you can create glasses with the name of the person, and also consider making pillows with printed photos.

Gifting still holds relevant and to make gift wrappers, you can consider providing creative packaging solutions. It can include but is not limited to boxes, packaging papers and gift cards. You can even consider partnering with suppliers of products, so you have a continuous business and a passive source of income. You can also consider making bracelets and necklaces with low-cost materials, so you get paid for your prowess in artistry.


Not every skill set and learning, and not every on-demand business idea need to be extremely formal and organized. There are people who would like to explore certain avenues of their lives for just beating stress, and dance and music fall into that category.

If you are an exponent in that field, you do not have to worry about having a lavish music classroom or a sprawling dance floor. All you need to do is to create video lessons and make them available on on-demand platforms. This not only gives you an opportunity to earn extra revenue but also places you as an expert in the field, opening up further opportunities for stage shows and other engagements.


Even if you are not someone who can pick up any one of the fields listed above, you can still conceptualize and create a multi-services app like Go-jek and create a platform for everyone to collaborate and start their own on-demand business using your launchpad. Alternatively, you can develop an on-demand app that is flexible enough to accommodate any of the business ideas given above.

In essence, you are not creating service but rather a product that can find its relevance across every realm across the entire on-demand landscape. If you would like to capitalize on this business opportunity that is still to see the floodgates open, all you need to do is get in touch with an app development company that specializes in developing apps like Go-jek. They will take care not only to understand your requirement but also customize the app according to your requirements, so you are able to present a unique solution for your clients irrespective of their domain.